The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

By Adam Lock
Published: February 3, 2023
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“Echo Tree” is burdened with a surprisingly weak villain and many predictable scenarios. The show still has the same, unique wit and the animation never ceases to amaze, but this is a downgrade from the season’s last few installments.

We recap the Prime Video series The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 8, “Echo Tree,” which contains spoilers.

The Vox Machina have been split into two teams in two vastly different parts of the world. Keyleth (Marisha Ray), Percy (Taliesin Jaffe), and the twins are in the trippy Fey Realm hunting for their next vestige, while Pike (Ashley Johnson), Grog (voiced by Travis Willingham), and Scanlan (Sam Riegel) roam the wilderness, hoping to reunite with their comrades. In “Echo Tree,” these two separate stories move forwards at a steady pace, and the creators introduce new characters into the mix with more exciting guest-star voice work.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

We last saw the Fey Realm gang staring out at the spellbinding city of Syngorn, which happens to be the home of Vex and Vax’s father. As they wander the streets of this kingdom, Vex explains how teleporting an entire city is an elven trick that is rarely performed, things must be in a dire state if Syngorn has transported to this realm. Garmelie leads them through back alleys and the shadows, as they try to avoid the city’s guards, hoping to pass through unseen. Percy thinks it is a trap set by the satyr, but Garmelie believes this detour is the quickest route to their prize, one that bypasses deadly pixies. Unfortunately, the group are quickly captured. Vex asks for an audience with Ambassador Vessar, who also happens to be her dad.

What is the next vestige?

In an awkward encounter, Vex and Vax are reacquainted with their father’s wife, Devana, and then meet her daughter, their half-sister, for the first time. Little Velora is a breath of fresh air, and she’s excited to meet her older siblings. Vex offers Velora her blue feather as a present. Then their father, Syldor enters the palace. He is less than pleased to see his estranged children. The Ambassador explains how the city retreated away from the dragons, so they could plan a counterattack in safety. Percy informs Syldor of their plans to fight the Conclave with vestiges. Syldor believes the ancient weapon they seek, a longbow called Fenthras, is just a myth though.

The family gets into a rather heated argument. Syldor refuses to help and downplays his children’s heroics. Vax verbalizes his distaste for the man, but Vex plays the mediator, asking Syldor for any assistance at all. The Ambassador grants them safe passage, offering a scroll that he has signed. Percy asks for Vex’s name to be amended on the page, she is to be referred to as Lady Vex of Whitestone, a title Percy has just conjured out of thin air. Syldor doesn’t fall for the trick and declines the amendment. Vex defends Percy and says Syldor failed as a father. Syldor challenges his children to prove him wrong and return with the vestige. Sadly, Vex still seeks her father’s approval.

Who is Wilhand Trickfoot?

Back in Tal’Dorei, the trio make it to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Pike’s great-great-grandfather Wilhand Trickfoot answers the door, voiced by The Fonz himself, Henry Winkler. He’s surprised at how weak Grog has gotten and cooks up some medicine for the barbarian. This medicine isn’t one that you swallow though and Scanlan has to help administer it. This potion helps rid Grog of his corruption but doesn’t strengthen him up.

In the Fey Realm, Garmelie re-emerges, giggling at the family tiff he’s just witnessed. The gang heads back into the forest and there’s just time for Percy and Vex to dissect their argument with Syldor. Percy apologizes for springing the title on Vex, but she quite likes it. Percy says how Syldor is a piece of work and Vex deserves better. She thanks him for standing up for her. Romance seems to be on the cards for these two. Percy presents Vex with a gift, it’s a shiny new arrowhead.

What creature lurks in the Shademurk Bog?

The gang enters a darker, murkier part of the forest, which appears to be the start of the swampy Shademurk. There is a tar-like substance on the floor, and a sinister voice whispers sweet-nothings in the team’s ears. Vax is unnerved by this horrid voice and Garmelie explains who it is, the cursed archfey known as Saundor (Sendhil Ramamurthy). To survive this beast you must ignore his voice. Of course, Vex becomes hypnotized by this voice and falls under his spell. She walks over the swamp towards his lair. The others wade through the swamp after her, but they cannot keep up.

Vex enters Saundor’s dominion. The powerful being tries to win her over, talking of her needlessly seeking her father’s approval. He adds that she’ll never get it, but he understands. Saundor manipulates Vex’s memories and makes more positive ones for her to enjoy. Vex becomes entranced by Saundor, who presents her with the longbow Fenthras, which she desires. To gain the vestige, she must give Saundor her heart. This bizarre request wakes Vex from her spell and she attacks the creep.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Meanwhile, Keyleth helps the others escape and they are faced with large, tree-like creatures. Keyleth transforms into her fiery alter-ego and burns the trees to the ground. The gang regroups and head to help, but Vex must fight this foe alone. Saundor and Vex battle with their bows and arrows. Fenthras is powerful, destroying large areas of the lair. Vex’s bow is broken and she falls to the ground, injured. Using Percy’s gift, she stabs Saundor in the chest with the steel arrowhead, which kills the villain instantly. Vex takes the vestige for herself.

Percy asks if they will be returning to Syngorn so that Vex can flaunt her prize in front of her father. Vex doesn’t want to return just yet though and would rather move forwards instead. Garmelie reappears out of nowhere and giggles again. He is impressed with the Vox Machina and how they have entertained him these past few days. As a reward, Garmelie opens up a portal that will return them to their homeland. They pass through the portal, with Percy quipping that he prefers the Fey Realm that he read in his books. Once they have gone, Garmelie transforms into an archfey that is called Artagan.

In the final scene, Pike asks the gang if they can head to Westruun. She fears Grog’s strength won’t return any time soon and they must press onward. Scanlan’s vision revealed gauntlet vestiges in this city, they must hunt them down before the Chroma Conclave destroy the whole continent. Grog admits that his Uncle owns those glowing gauntlets and he was once killed by them.

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