Tehran season 1, episode 6 recap — “The Engineer”

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 16, 2020 (Last updated: November 25, 2023)
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Tehran Season 1 Recap
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Episode 6 is slick, fast-paced and shows Tamar transform back into what we know she is — a spy. This is probably the best chapter of the series so far.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Tehran season 1, episode 6, “The Engineer” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

This is slowly turning into one of my favourite series of 2020 and I’ve watched a lot of TV. There’s something about Tehran — it has a vibe that shines through the story. Anyway, to the recap…

Faraz rings Gorev about the deal with Masoud; he knows that they shot him and he asks for his wife back. He’s absolutely furious. He tells them he will blow their head off one day if they don’t. Afterwards, he tells his boss that his wife affected his judgement — Faraz’s duties are suspended.

Poor Faraz: you get the sense though that when he says he will get revenge, he means it.

Tamar’s plans

Back at Israel HQ, they talk about Tamar’s plans to contact the engineer using Milad and shutting down the city of Tehran, including the military radars. Gorev has a decision to make. To either let her proceed or stop her.


Meanwhile, Milad and Tamar seem to be enjoying each other, a lot. The pair seem to have grown closer after pill-popping and partying. Tamar rings HQ while in the shower and she is asked to proceed with the plans.

I have to say, Tehran season 1, episode 6 proves how bewitching Tamar is — she fully convinced me in this chapter and I did not expect what came later.

Meeting the engineer

Tamar heads out to meet the engineer with Milad. Karim is a little paranoid about Tamar and starts asking questions to himself about where she works. This character will not give Tamar a break. Anyway, Milad introduces the substation engineer Parham Kasrayi to Tamar — they ask for access to his workplace and promise it will not trace back to him. Parham is fretting, realising how illegal all this is. Tamar and Milad believe they may have persuaded the engineer.

Tamar and Milad is getting intense

Milad talks of how he loves this country so much and Tamar remains silent. Israel HQ is listening in and they sense that the relationship between them is getting a bit intense. Yael texts Tamar with some encouragement, telling her she’s doing well. There is a slight hint that Tamar may be feeling guilty about her situation with Milad, or so we thought.

Kamir’s intervention

Later in the evening, Milad gives Tamar a gift — he gives her his mother’s bracelet. Tamar is definitely feeling guilty now but Milad insists he isn’t trying to make her stay; he doesn’t want her to forget him. Karim then interrupts their dinner and there’s a real tension in the room. He asks if they are celebrating something and Milad reveals that Tamar is leaving the next day to go to Qatar.

Karim is trying to find out why she is leaving. He asks why he cannot find her on social media and Milad gets frustrated with Kamir but his friend tells him to stop thinking with his c*ck. And then Kamir wonders if it this is all about the electric company. Tamar insists she used to work at the electric company — Kamir then shows the real photo of Zhila and asks who she really is. The story has turned its head, Tamar has been compromised and her hand is shown to Milad.

Kamir attacks Tamar and but she manages to draw a weapon on him. Israel HQ sends in support and they kill Kamir — Tamar tells the men not to kill Milad and she asks him to give her his phone. Tamar asks Milad to do as she says when Parham arrives.

What’s surprising in all this is how Tamar has managed to switch modes — her lack of sympathy for Milad in this situation is striking; in true Bond-fashion, she continues with her mission. The question the audience will have is — were her feelings for Milad genuine? At this stage, it does not look like it.

An evening with the engineer

And then Parham arrives and both Milad and Tamar act normal. She gives the man some cocaine. Parham asks what’s wrong with Milad who is acting disconnected from the conversation. Israel HQ asks the men to kill Milad if he betrays Tamar. Again, Tamar is still cool about the whole situation.

Tamar asks Parham about access to the station but he’s worried about his family. Parham asks Milad if he understands but he remains silent. Suddenly, Parham gets frustrated but then Tamar shows a video of him sniffing cocaine and threatens to show his boss. Milad tells him that he has no choice. Parham gives her the information needed and on the way out, he tells them both that they don’t care about people.

The ending

Tamar and Milad then leave; Milad is blindfolded and put in the back of a van. When they arrive at the safehouse, Israel HQ tells her to get some rest and be in good shape for the morning. Gorev is worried about the operation but Yael tries to reassure him. Before she goes to bed, Tamar listens to a nice voice note from her father and she responds saying she misses him.

Faraz is also sending his wife a message saying how much he misses her and that he has run out of solutions.

Arezoo rings a family member named Mordechai and begs them to help her leave Iran. Faraz is sat next to her as she makes this request. Mordechai heads to a hotel room to meet her but he’s greeted by Faraz who acts like he’s a family friend.

Episode 6 is slick, fast-paced, and shows Tamar transform back into what we know she is — a spy. This is probably the best chapter of the series so far.

There’s always plenty of debate about creating a female Bond but Tehran proves strongly that you do not need to gender-swap — all you need to do is create new stories. Tamar is a great character.

Additional points
  • Ali learns that if a hacker gets into a civilian electricity station, they could potentially bring down military systems.

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