Tehran season 1, episode 5 recap — “The Other Iran”

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 9, 2020 (Last updated: November 25, 2023)
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Tehran Season 1 Recap
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Episode 5 centres more on Masoud and Faraz who have difficult decisions to make while Tamar is on a strange adventure with Milad. This felt like a filler chapter more than anything.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Tehran season 1, episode 5, “The Other Iran” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

Episode 5 begins with Faraz hearing a knock on the door — he opens the door and sees a phone on the floor. When he answers the phone, he’s asked to ensure that Masoud is returned to Istanbul alive and well — if he does, his wife, who has just had brain surgery, will be returned.

Tehran season 1, episode 5 has upped the stakes very quickly — it’s not just about Tamar now, it’s a war.

I’m with Sick-Boy

Yael manages to get in touch with Tamar and learns that she isn’t planning to leave Tehran yet. As she gives her details she has to cut the conversation as Milad tells her they are ready to go.

Desperate Faraz

This whole ordeal was obviously not part of the plan which presents a different type of Faraz in episode 5 — he’s now in a situation where he has to think wisely in order to ensure his wife is not hurt.

Faraz is an angry figure and he starts strangling Masoud, asking where his wife is. Masoud claims to not know. He drags him out of his cell and puts him in a car and drives.

Trouble at the border

While driving with Milad and friend, they cross a border and Tamar makes a gesture that is offensive to one of the guards. The driver then has to pay off the guards as they want to get into the trunk. The driver, Karim, is annoyed that Tamar cost them a lot of money. Suddenly, he wants to know how Milad and Tamar know each other. Tamar is apologetic for what she did and assures him that everything is fine.

Never come back

Faraz drags Masoud out of the car and threatens to kill him. He tells him that he’s flying him out tonight and if he ever returns, he will kill him. Masoud cries and accepts what Faraz says. Faraz leaves him and drives off.

Selling pills

Episode 5 sees Tamar taking part in events that were never part of her original mission — it’s easy to think that Tamar and Milad have serious feelings for each other that’s keeping them together.

Tamar and Milad arrive at their destination and it’s like a party house. As Tamar arrives, Parisa gives her a joint to smoke. Karim shows Tamar the ecstasy that they travelled with — he tells her she is part of it now and asks her to sell it. Tamar has no choice but to sell at a party. One of the buyers wants more details and her name. Karim then tests Tamar by sending two men who act as the police and threaten to arrest her — he wanted to make sure he could trust her.

Tamar didn’t want to be in this situation in the first place and she is annoyed at Milad.

Updating the boss

There’s always a boss and despite Faraz’s bullish attitude, he does have someone to answer to.

Faraz’s wife knows about the whole negotiation and she’s asked to call her husband and calm him down. When she rings him, Faraz is regretful about what’s happened. When he finishes the phone call, he has to speak to his boss. Faraz explains how he wants to bring him results and that’s why he hasn’t been bringing updates. He apologises for making a mistake. His boss believes his wife has skewed his judgement.

Work for me

Masoud returns home but then he hears a car outside. Faraz is sat there and realises that Masoud has no idea that they’ve taken his wife. He wants his wife back but he doesn’t want Masoud to return to Istanbul. Faraz wants Masoud to work for him and says he has no choice — Masoud explains that he loves his country more than he realises and he’d die for it. Faraz states that if he brings Tamar to him, no-one will die.

Masoud then rings Gorev and is furious that they’ve kidnapped Faraz’s wife.

Selling drugs keeps it going

Back to the drug selling, Milad tries to make amends with Tamar. He explains that they are all unemployed despite qualifications and the ecstasy keeps them afloat. Tamar asks about the contact but Milad says he hasn’t shown up and that he’s a big shot that likes to get high — Milad explains the contact is the station’s head engineer named Parham Kasrayi. Tamar wants to meet him the next day and is eager to blackout the city. They both look out at the city and talk about where they’d blackout first. Milad says if they are leaving the next day, they need to have fun — he gives her a pill and kisses her. The pair party the night away and hook up.

The ending

The next morning, Tamar wakes up and secretly texts someone — Kamir is spying on their room and sees her. Masoud has decided not to fly back and Gerov finds out. As Masoud leaves his car, he’s shot multiple times — Faraz sees and chases after the shooter but they flee quickly on bikes. Masoud is dead.

Tehran season 1, episode 5 centres more on Masoud and Faraz who have difficult decisions to make while Tamar is on a strange adventure with Milad. This felt like a filler chapter more than anything.

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