Tehran season 1, episode 2 recap — “Blood on Her Hands” Close shave.



Episode 2 puts Tamar in a precarious position — the espionage thriller is not making any shortcuts in terms of entertainment and action as the world zeroes in on the characters.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Tehran season 1, episode 2, “Blood on Her Hands” contains significant spoilers. Apple will be releasing the first three episodes and then it will be weekly.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

Tamar checks out the man she’s just killed and she is mortified. A man who names himself “The Eagle” walks around the corner and asks Tamar if anyone saw her. They move the body together and cover the blood. “The Eagle” calms Tamar down and tells her to remove what happened from her mind — he reminds her she has 47-minutes to finish her mission.

Like in the last episode, we get the sense that Tamar is not accustomed to violence despite her espionage skills and her brief breakdown in this scene shows. The series is going to develop the character from here, hardening her experiences.

Be as fast as you can

Tamar enters the server room again and begins hacking. Outside, two men find the dead body. “The Eagle” tells Rashid the mission is off. He rings Tamar and tells her to finish hacking as fast as she can. The cops arrive and “The Eagle” tells her to get out of the building immediately but Tamar knows this is their only chance. All the employees, including Tamar, are gathered downstairs due to the dead body. “The Eagle” rings Israeli Headquarters and tells them they need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Israeli Headquarters fear the worst and ask Air Traffic control to stand down.

Of course, at this point it’s still unclear what Tamar was trying to do and hack; the series is keeping that mystery at bay.

Don’t say a word

Inside the building, Tamar pretends she’s having her period and needs to sort herself out so one of the cops allows her to go to the bathroom. She rings “The Eagle” and tells him that her situation is not good. On the way out of the bathroom, she gives Zhila’s friend a note telling her not to tell the police about the murdered man who raped the real Zhila.

Persistent Faraz

Faraz is still investigating and asks Ali to find out who was on that plane. Ali finds out that her language was good but she had an accent. Faraz states he will wait for info from India. Later on, Ali rings Faraz and confirms there was a switch with the flight attendant and gives a name — Zhila.

Faraz’s persistence is paying off and shows what kind of character he is — he will never give up once he has a hunch which does not put Tamar in a good position.

The interview

Tamar is interviewed by the police — they ask why her boss ran after her and that her friend claims her boss was angry as she was making personal calls. Tamar blags it, saying the man acted the same with everyone. Her accent is then questioned so she gives a detailed life story. The police officer doesn’t believe Tamar’s story.

Your husband is dead

The police get a call and they take Tamar home. They tell Tamar that her husband has died (Zhila’s husband). He took his own life because he felt too guilty for killing a man — apparently, he confessed to murdering Zhila’s boss at work — it’s a set-up to put her in the clear. Faraz heads over to Zhila’s apartment after he’s given an address. Tamar leaves the apartment by jumping off a balcony and flees. Fara chases after her but she manages to get away. When Tamar is finally free and away, she tells Israeli Headquarters that she’s now in the clear — she wants to make her way home on her own as she doesn’t trust “The Eagle”.

The ending

Tamar heads to another apartment and speaks to a woman named Arezoo and shows her necklace — the woman looks surprised. Tamar says “I’m your sister Yasamin’s daughter”.

Tehran season 1, episode 2 puts Tamar in a precarious position — the espionage thriller is not taking any shortcuts in terms of entertainment and action as the world zeroes in on the characters. The mystery is still at bay but the writing is slowly unfurling it.

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