Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – what happens in Pittsburgh?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 24, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2023)
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The drama intensifies in “Track 9: Feels Like the First Time,” with shocking revelations and tensions rising within the band. Everything is gearing up for what is sure to be a dramatic finale.

We recap the Prime Video series Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 9, “Track 9: Feels Like the First Time,” which contains spoilers.

The rock band Daisy Jones and the Six are flying mighty high with a hugely successful debut album and a sold-out American tour.

The tour came with its problems, though, including much partying and dangerous drug use, leading to Daisy (Riley Keough) overdosing in Episode 8.

In “Track 9: Feels Like the First Time,” the first season’s penultimate installment, Daisy tries to go cold turkey, and her bond with  Billy (Sam Claflin) only strengthens as the tour continues to move forwards. While a return to Pittsburgh brings up old issues and intensifies new dilemmas.

Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

We kick off with Daisy waking after that terrifying near-death experience. Nicky tries to downplay the overdose, saying she partied too hard. Daisy asks Billy for the truth about that night, and her band member is brutally honest.

Daisy is horrified to hear that Nicky practically left her to die. She kicks him out of the room and her life in front of the entire band. After this scare, Daisy lays off the drugs, yet the tour carries on regardless. She’s still struggling on stage and finds it hard, surrounded by the party lifestyle wherever she goes.

Daisy tries to escape the parties and drugs, joining Billy on his quieter, separate tour bus. They have a real heart-to-heart.

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Daisy wonders why she has everything she ever wanted but still feels unhappy. She says how Billy was right about Nicky and that she hates that Billy saved her life. Billy offers to get her some help, speak with Teddy, and book her into rehab, although Daisy doesn’t want that yet.

The tour tumbles on, and Daisy starts to take drugs again, albeit on a smaller scale. The band continues to build upon their skyrocketing success and play Saturday Night Live. Daisy stresses before the set, unable to find any pills, but she manages to get through the performance drug-free.

Simone watches their performance on TV elsewhere while signing her own record deal. It is implied that the contract stipulates keeping her sexuality a secret. She discusses this with Bernie, who doesn’t want to hide their relationship anymore.

Bernie suggests she rips up the contract.

Why is Teddy in the hospital?

After the set, Teddy is rushed off to the hospital with heart problems. The band nervously waits outside of his room. Billy worries about his friend and mentor, feeling that he needs to start drinking once again.

They talk about fate, and Daisy mentions how she has changed since the overdose, moving away from her old religious beliefs. She believes that she died that night and saw no afterlife. Billy says that he is glad to have met Daisy and thinks that joining the band saved his life.

Teddy wakes, and Billy is the first to visit him. Teddy is told to stop partying so hard, to lay off the drugs and the cigarettes. Billy urges him to take this seriously; he wouldn’t cope if he was to lose Teddy. The music producer listens and starts to eat healthier.

Simone soon arrives, and Daisy apologizes to her old friend. They decide to forget about their falling out and move past it.

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During a casual meal, Daisy and Billy start talking about a second album, even though they haven’t started writing new songs for it yet. They quickly fall into old habits and write new music together once again.

The duo appears to be on good terms for the first time in a while, yet Daisy’s lyrics hint at more drama to come. She seems to still be in love with Billy. Meanwhile, Karen finds out that she is pregnant.

What happens in Pittsburgh?

The band are treated to a hero’s welcome back in their home city of Pittsburgh. They reunite with their families and prepare for their most important gig to date. The band meets up with friends and family members before the performance, even reuniting with their old bassist Chuck.

Camila gets reacquainted with Daisy, and she realizes that Karen is pregnant without any words being spoken. She talks about babies with Daisy and asks Billy that night if he wants to have a second child. Billy is excited to have another child.

Daisy overhears Billy and Camila giggling in the room next door. Her jealousy only intensified further.

Why is Eddie upset?

Their home show is a huge success. Their family and friends proudly watch in the audience. Billy and Daisy seem relaxed and to be gelling on stage again.

There’s a great energy to the performance, although Billy steals the spotlight, rushing back on stage for an encore with Daisy, taking Eddie’s big moment from him. This upsets Eddie greatly, who feels slighted by Billy’s selfish behavior.

Meanwhile, Karen is too tired to party afterward, feeling the effects of her pregnancy. The next day, Camila and Karen attend the doctor’s, where Karen has an abortion.

Elsewhere, Simone leaves Bernie, choosing music over her relationship.

Daisy Jones and the Six Season 1 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Billy and Daisy hang out the following day before heading back on tour. Daisy expresses her love for Billy and wants to be with him. Billy admits he wants to be with her but has a wife and a family. He is adamant that he won’t leave Camila.

The two singers draw ever closer to one another until their foreheads are touching. Billy talks about growing old with Daisy and making ten more albums with her, and they talk of a big future, but he admits that he cannot be with her romantically.

Billy asks Daisy if that is not enough.

What does Camila see?

The band leave Pittsburgh and head towards Chicago, their next tour date. On the plane, the majority of the team looks particularly unhappy.

Karen has chosen her career over being a mother and has had an abortion in secret.

Daisy has expressed her love to Billy and has been rejected.

Eddie feels slighted by Billy.

Then there’s Camila. Viewers are shown a shocking revelation; Camila witnessed that passionate interaction between Billy and Daisy. She now knows that they want to be together. Everything is gearing up for what is sure to be a dramatic finale.

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