‘Dead to Me’ Episode 4 – “I Can’t Go Back” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 3, 2019
Dead to Me Episode 4 I Can't Go Back Recap - Netflix Series


Jen and Judy take on their issues together in Episode 4, “I Can’t Go Back”, as their friendship appears to be solidifying.

This recap of Dead to Me Episode 4, “I Can’t Go Back” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Dead to Me Episode 4, “I Can’t Go Back”, delves into Judy and Steve’s relationship, opening up after a night of passion. They look on the verge of getting back together, but you can see the hesitation on Judy’s (Linda Cardellini) face. It’s evident at this stage that it wasn’t the miscarriages that broke them apart; it was that fatal night. Steve suggests that Judy moves back in.

Judy tells Jen (Christina Applegate) she slept with Steve, but Jen is too angry even to have that conversation, cycling furiously on the bike. Jen blurts out that Ted was cheating, and after figuring out that it was with a waitress, they plan to meet her at the restaurant.

“I Can’t Go Back” sees Jen unable to control her emotions in the restaurant, scoping out every waitress she sees, but finally sees one with a “Bambi” necklace. To make matters worse, she receives a text making her aware that Steve has taken the house off the market. She lectures Judy, saying Steve is no good for her. She takes out her frustration on Bambi, who is unaware of the situation. Eventually, they learn that Bambi believes she has a boyfriend, who has been hot and cold, and once she says the name Ted, Jen realizes her dead husband was in a relationship with the woman for 1 and a half years.

Jen walks out after another argument about Ted and Steve with Judy. Eventually, they end up in the car together, and they talk about their dreams. Judy tells Jen that Bambi revealed that Ted acted like a widow, making Jen realize what kind of man she was with. To help Judy out, she goes to Steve’s house and tells him to keep his home up for sale as Judy will not be returning.

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