Bosch season 7, episode 5 recap – “Jury’s Still Out”

By Marc Miller
Published: June 25, 2021 (Last updated: August 26, 2021)
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The tension and heat are being turned up in “The Jury’s Still Out,” as one of Harry’s closest allies puts Maddie in danger.

This recap of Amazon original Bosch season 7, episode 5, “Jury’s Still Out,” contains spoilers.

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Let’s Not Make a Federal Case Out of This

“Get me out first” is what Zorro told Bosch (Titus Welliver) and Edgar (Jamie Hector) at the end of the last episode. Surprisingly, Harry and Jerry look at each other as if they were caught off guard that their bad cop/bad cop worked. Unfortunately, their disbelief is as short-lived as their sigh of relief. I’m sure they dispense off camera. When they show up the next day to collect him, he is gone. Dead? No, nothing like that. Did he escape? No, their cells stayed locked all night. No, the feds scooped up Zorro, and the East Hollywood detective squad had no idea why.

There is nothing left to do but scratch their heads and say, “Oh, well.” Hold on a minute. We both know that isn’t Bosch’s style. He will do anything or go to anyone, I may add, to get the job done at any time of night. He knocks on Chief Irving’s door (for the last time?) to give him a heads up. Those goddamn feds who scooped up their only witness, and they have no idea where he is or why he was taken. Bosch gives him that high and mighty look and Irving tells him he will find out.

Speaking of Irving, boy does he know how to make an entrance and an exit. His investigation of the mayor is turned up after the new police board member approaches him. He told Irving that he wouldn’t get a second term under the new leadership unless he sees results fast. So, he has two officers pull over his former campaign manager and the mayor’s current chief of staff, Jen Kowski (Unforgettable’s Daya Vaidya). While waiting for the cops to return her driver’s license and registration, Irving pulls up and slowly draws down the tinted window in the back passenger seat. He then says, “Tell Lopez the FBI may have dropped their investigation, but I won’t.” He rolls up the window, drives away, and the patrol office walks up on Ms. Kowski and says, “Put away your f*****g phone,” and hands her a ticket.

Some Old Friends Reminisce in Bosch season 7, episode 5

Bosch has been integrating old characters and fan favorites that we haven’t seen in several seasons. Last week we saw Jerry Edgar having a therapy session with Dr. Reneta Garcia (Gina Gallego). Bosch’s former lawyer, Rodney Belk (Abraham Benrubi), even makes an appearance. But perhaps most importantly is former Bosch flame, who pulled a Plaxico Burress, Officer Julia Brasher (The Rookie‘s Annie Wersching), pops up as well. She is approached by Lt. Billets (at LA’s famous Pinks restaurant, no less, great chili dogs) about her harassers, Leonard and Norris. Brasher tells Billets these two are misogynists.

She confirmed for Billets what these two did a few days ago. They left Brasher alone during a gang beef, saying, “They be damned if they roll out for that f*****g tuna boat.” So, she does some research. They are “incels,” or involuntary celibates who participate in a blog called “war pigs.” They are part of a toxic male subculture that has a history of violent behavior because of their inability to be involved in romantic relationships, making them biased against women.

Then, in the episode’s best scene that plays out before the opening credits roll, Bosch visits an old friend from the pilot, Dr. WIlliam Golliger (Alan Rosenberg). They talk about the little tamale girl (Bosch doesn’t like that nickname too much) and how it relates to their first case together. The good Doc wants to know if Bosch still feels the world is a good place worth saving. Bosch takes a brief second before he responds.

Jerry Screws Up and the Hitman’s Lawyer

Det. Pierce (Grey’s Anatomy‘s DaJuan Johnson) and Det. Vega (NYPD Blue‘s Jacqueline Obradors) gets a lead on the hitman. They find a home surveillance system of the man walking towards the safe house and back. When he returns, he is carrying the laptop, and most certainly, they now have a copy of the video that Maddie is on. They can’t get a look at his face because he is wearing a mask that messes with the cop’s facial recognition software. They later managed to get a partial plate that led them to the LAX long-term parking car. Their hitman is gone. 

Meanwhile, When Bosch and Edgar meet with their main suspect, Carl Rogers, Edgar details the case slip. He says they have a witness who can tell them everything about what Franzen will testify about. What’s the big deal, you asked? Only that they were keeping it under wraps. Bosch’s daughter was in the room when he gave his practice testimony. When they leave, Jerry still doesn’t have any idea what he did. Well, that’s until Harry pushes him against a wall and lets him know he put his kid in the crosshairs. Our sweet Maddie is in danger.

Bosch tells Maddie to get home and later breaks the news to her. She will be okay, though. The FBI told Bosch that if she can testify on tape tomorrow, the evidence will be locked, and there will be no reason to have her killed. If she is killed before, everything she already has told the cops is inadmissible. Even though Jerry told Billets and Bosch he needs some time to get his head right (no crap, Jerry), he parks outside the Bosch house to make sure nothing happens to Maddie.

However, when the episode ends, Carl Rogers’s lawyer has the tape and pauses when Chandler asks Maddie to stop the recording. We see Maddie’s face on the screen. He picks up the phone and makes a call for that arrogant hitman to return.

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