Bosch season 7, episode 4 recap – “Triple Play”

By Marc Miller
Published: June 25, 2021 (Last updated: August 26, 2021)
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“Triple Play” is an electric episode that puts one member of the Bosch tribe in jeopardy for the remainder of the series.

This recap of Amazon original series Bosch season 7, episode 4, “Triple Play,” contains spoilers.

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Things are about to go down in the episode titled “Triple Play,” so let’s pay attention. 

The Triple Play

He’s dead. The yuppy DB is dead. Vincent (Reed Diamond) is lying in front of the laptop with his testimony paused. Of course, he is lying down because he has a bullet lodged in his head and chest. The camera pans out to his poor mistress, who is lying in her black lace underwear, apparently wearing matching bullets to the cranium. Walking around the room is the shooter, gathering evidence, the computer, and the hard drive of Vincent’s testimony to the SEC. As she opens the door, he turns, we see his face is covered with a plastic mask, and he has a black knit cap on his head.

Meanwhile, Honey Chandler keeps trying to call Vincent, who is already past his expiration date. As she walks down her expensive staircase, talking into her Bluetooth asking him to meet her at the courthouse, she turns and sees the same man shooting a bullet into her chest. Chandler lays on the ground, and we see the masked shooter picking up bullet casings off the ground before making his getaway.

The Coincidence 

Bosch has pulled away from the arson case to a double homicide in the Hollywood Hills. Yes, that’s right. They are at the safe house where Vincent and his mistress lay dead. But, he doesn’t know who the hell they are or the connection to his daughter. When he calls in the address, he finds out Honey Chandler owns it. Now his Spidey-sense is tingling. He can’t get a hold of Chandler or his daughter. When he finally reaches Maddie (Madison Lintz), she tells him she is about to pull up to Chandler’s house. Bosch sternly tells her not to go in and park down the block, obviously worried about her safety. She is a Bosch, however, ignoring his orders and finding a shocking discovery. Honey is lying on the floor, shot, unconscious, and bleeding out. As she calls 911, Bosch and the cavalry arrive on the scene.

During the aftermath, Bosch’s somewhat mutually respected nemesis Det. Jimmy Roberts (Santiago Robertson) walks upon the scene. They look over the house and notice Chandler’s metal tumbler has a nick in it from a bullet. She should buy a lottery ticket, says Roberts. It just missed her heart (Chandler is still alive, in critical condition). As Jimmy talks to Maddie, they find out that Chandler had an official deposition with Vincent Franzen that morning, who, as we know, was found murdered. Harry tries to comfort his daughter later, but he can’t help but tell her how Honey plays the system like a billiard player– from all angles. Still, she is one tough cookie, he says.

Sexual Harassment

The harassment of Lt. Billets heats up and escalates, as Captain Cooper and Lt. Thorne are angry that she reported it to internal affairs. The patrol cops suspected of writing unclever and nasty words on her car have a picture of a naked woman with the Lieutenant’s head superimposed with a ball-gag. They deduce it has to be an inside job because the picture came from her official department identification. 

You Can’t Tell Anyone.

Jimmy Roberts questions Maddie at Hollywood station. She tells him how she met Franzen at court and Chandler’s law offices. She then drops two bombshells– she was in the room when Chandler taped Franzan’s testimony on what he would tell the SEC. The other was that she dropped off that video later, the night he was killed, at the safe house to review. Remember, when she walked away, we saw a man in a car tapping the steering wheel and watching from a distance?

Bosch, who is watching from the monitor in the other room, begins to have a sick look on his face. Maddie tells Roberts the truth. He wanted to make a deal to get the charges dropped from the gold bullion scandal by dropping some evidence of a “huge” insider trading scheme. She even had a name, a man named Carl Rogers who runs a hedge fund. She made two copies, one for Chandler and the other for Franzen. When Jimmy leaves the room and goes outside, Bosch looks him straight in the eye: No one can know that Maddie was anywhere near that videotape.  

Sing, Zorro, Sing

Bosch and Edgar continue to chip away at Zorro, trying to get him to sing. He had heard La Mayorista is dead and Los Pollos 13 are tying up loose ends. They present a convincing case. Pena sits at his bar/headquarters, contemplating what to do with Zorro because he knows too much. He is a loose end too, and he is just a disposable pawn. They offer him to keep status away from jail or let his organization know he is singing to Harry and Jerry now. They keep the pressure on, telling him they want to know who gave the order to throw that Molotov cocktail into the apartment building full of innocents. “We know it was Pena,” Bosch yells. Alvarez looks at the detectives, takes a breath, and contemplates what he will say next.

“Get me out first.”

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