Bosch season 7, episode 3 recap – “Sabes Demasiado”

June 25, 2021
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“Sabes Demasiado” is the calm before the storm as Harry begins to shake the trees, and that means suspects may fall victim in the process

This recap of Amazon’s original Bosch season 7, episode 3, “Sabes Demasiado,” contains spoilers.

Read the recap of the previous chapter.

Bosch, Edgar, and the Wholesaler 

During the last episode, they put the Los Pollos 13 foot soldier, Zorro, in a holding cell, calling him “baby-killer.” He won’t be lonely, though, because he has a roommate, a scary-looking fellow with eyes only for Alvarez. Zorro is young, just a foot soldier, and impressionable. It’s only a matter of time before he starts screaming for a deal.

So when he wakes up with his new best friend staring down at him, he doesn’t think because he wants a date. He asks, “Know what they do to kid killers in the county?” Zorro responds that they were sending a message, and no one was supposed to get hurt. It turns out this scary-looking motherf*cker is a cop, wearing a wire, trying to get Zorro to sing about who ordered him to throw the flaming cocktail in the gang capital of the world. Zorro, though, wouldn’t give it up.

However, Bosch and Edgar did get word that La Mayorista, aka “the wholesaler,” is part of the puzzle. They track her down at her apartment. They confiscate a gun out of her purse and ransack her apartment, looking for evidence and clues about the East Hollywood fire. She notices Jerry is on his phone and takes the opportunity to pass a message onto her associate. This causes Bosch to ask Vega (Jacqueline Obradors) to assist after his mistake.

They interrogate her, and she insists she knows nothing about the fire. A lawyer appears shortly after, clearly called by the friend in the hallway at the apartment. No matter, Bosch says, they have enough on her to keep her in jail over the weekend. It doesn’t matter, though. The damage is done, Bosch tells Edgar off. He is sick of carrying his alcohol-soaked partner’s ass through the job, he says. He needs to get his mojo back and fast. If that means he has to call him out in front of the squad, well, that’s the way it has to be. Harry doesn’t have time for anyone’s feelings, yours or mine.

Office Politics

Meanwhile, office politics within the public ranks is at an all-time high. Chief Irving (Lance Reddick) and Mayor Lopez (Natalia Castellonas) discuss the East Hollywood New Year’s Eve Apartment fire case without telling each other why they are asking. Each walks away thinking they have the upper hand until Irving watches the news. The little tamale girl’s mother is on television, thanking the mayor for her support and saying that the Chief has to do better. Oh, and there needs to be a change.

This causes Reddick to go into high gear, asking an old friend, Sgt. Brown, to ask to be the mayor’s driver detail in hopes of digging up some dirt. Then there is the case of Lt. Billets (Amy Aquino). She filed a 128. Yup, I said it. A 128. That’s a charge of harassment against her fellow officers who work in patrol. She filed this with internal investigations, which is a considerable no-no.

Something’s Brewing

We then have sweet Maddie asked to help record Franzen’s (Reed Diamond) statement to the SEC before Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers) puts him in a safe house. He continues his ultra douche-baggary by sticking his nose up at the safe house Honey (Mimi Rogers) puts him in. Of course, Vincent doesn’t play by the rules. He invites his mistress over for a slumber party of sorts, interrupted by Maddie dropping off a computer to review his testimony. The screen cuts to a hand tapping a steering wheel as she leaves, watching the house from a half-a-football field away.

The Wholesaler begins her weekend getaway in her yellow jumpsuit at the local corrections facility when a young resident in Spanish whispers to her, “You know too much.” She’s a quick one, and her Spidey-sense is up. She attempts to call Bosch and Vega to strike a deal to get her out of lock-up. As the episode reaches its conclusion, we cut to Harry listening to some jazz as he looks over the city lights, then transitions to an image of La Mayorista laying in a pool of her own blood in her jail cell. Her neck has been cut, ear to ear.

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