Bosch season 7, episode 2 recap – “The Dog You Feed”

June 25, 2021 (Last updated: August 26, 2021)
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Bosch continues its slow-burn with a break in the case, and Jerry continues to fall down the well as he continues to deal with the ramification of crossing the line good cops just don’t cross.

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Bosch continues its slow-burn with a break in the case, and Jerry continues to fall down the well as he continues to deal with the ramification of crossing the line good cops just don’t cross.

This recap of Amazon’s original Bosch season 7, episode 2, “The Dog You Feed,” contains spoilers.

Read the recap of the previous chapter.

During the last episode of Bosch, Harry looks angry and determined to find the killer of Sonya Hernandez. She died of smoke inhalation from failing to escape the East Hollywood New Year’s Eve apartment fire. Bosch (Titus Welliver) tells the medical examiner she needs to contact her father, Hector, deported to Mexico a year ago. Meanwhile, while Bosch is dealing with the murder investigation, Edgar (Jamie Hector) is putting back a few while watching a few hard-working young women walking around a stage accidentally dropping their clothes (nothing seems to fit).

Bosch and Edgar follow a lead to the famed Magic Castle. But before that, Bosch tells Jerry he can smell the liquor coming out of his f*cking pores. Not an original quip, but direct and to the point. They revisit the apartment building management, as they do not accept too much interaction with law enforcement. This keeps the tenants safer, they argued. Bosh points out that it gives them an excuse to kick low-paying renters out.

This leads them to the theory that the fire starters stole a car that was valeted. A local parolee lent the car to a couple of “Los Pollos homies” named Little Trey-Trey and Zorro. Bosch and Jerry need to find out the real names of the two responsible for five felony murders. Their names are Emanuel Trejo, and Pedro Alvarez esteemed members of the Los Pollos 13. A couple of foot soldiers whose fingerprints were at the scene. When the team and officers crash down on them, they take them in, but Jerry engages in a war of words with Little Trey Trey. As Dua Lipa would say, things then got physical. “Your partner is out of control,” says one of the squad members to Bosch.

Chief Irving (Lance Reddick) begins to investigate what he feels is his eventual doom. He has gotten word that the mayor will get rid of him to secure her Hispanic constituents with her base during her next term. He meets his long-time colleague and friend, Francis, who sits on the police board. Irving needs his support to get a second term. There are five members on the board; he has a one-vote advantage, but the Mayor will fix the vote if Frances leaves. That’s when he lets the Chief know the deal–he has stage four pancreatic cancer. The freeze-out from the mayor is very real.

Let. Billets (Amy Aquino) continues to ruffle some feathers within the ranks simply because of her sexual orientation. She graces the presence of the beet cops, thanking them for their work during the fire. She came down to let the men and women know they need to show up to court for cases, even on their regularly scheduled days off (RDO’s) and even patrol. This doesn’t sit well with a couple of misogynists and homophobic male cops in the back. One says, “F*CK the Detectives. It’s their case. Let them spend their day off in court.” Though, Billets doesn’t disappoint with her retort of, “That’s true, but if you could do their job, you wouldn’t be sitting down here listening to my bullshit.” Coincidently, at Billets’ home, someone draws the words “Dyke S**t” on the back of her car, harassing the good Lieutenant at her home.

Meanwhile, Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers) represents a yuppy businessman named Vincent Franzen (Reed Diamond). He has spent a couple of nights in jail and tells Chandler he can’t do any more jail time. And I mean, not just waiting for his trial, but ZERO time at all. He tells Honey that he has “muy grande Pescado,” which is his get-out-of-jail-free card. Franzen is an arrogant prick. He is in a lot of trouble but refuses to take it seriously — he is creepy around Maddie (Madison Lintz), who is still interning at Chandler’s office. He screams middle-aged douche-bag with too much time and money to stay out of trouble. And he has a big fish that will get him only a fine, community service, and probation with a massive implication with insider trading and the SEC. If we have learned anything, the best way to trade your way out of the jam is when it comes to crimes about money.

The end of “The Dog You Feed” has a mystery woman who has been angry with the Los Pollos 13 management, concerned about how Trey Trey and Zorro are now in police custody. “They won’t talk” is what she is told. She thinks they are many brainless idiots and tosses her cell phone out of the car and into the city street. Meanwhile, our guy Jerry was drinking in his car outside the house where he shot the Haitian Kingpin with the noticeable red door. The episode ends with Jerry still dealing with the emotional ramifications of crossing the line that cops don’t cross.

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  • June 25, 2021 at 5:16 am

    So far, this season is feeling full of itself. Too dark, no relief. Nobody can catch a break.

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