The King’s Affection season 1, episode 14 recap – Lee Hwi’s identity starts to unfold

November 24, 2021
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Will the forbidden feelings between Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon be able to conquer the twisted fate that might wait for them?

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Will the forbidden feelings between Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon be able to conquer the twisted fate that might wait for them?

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The King’s Affection season 1, episode 14 contains spoilers.

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If love gives courage to Lee Hwi to step out of her game to become the King of Joseon, then it also changes Ji-Woon to compromising with all the things that he fights back at the Palace to protect the love of his life. The episode starts with Ji-Woon asking for his father’s help to get closer to Lee Hwi at the palace. Of course, Seok-Jo firstly refuses to help him and asks him to leave the Palace because he does not belong to the Palace because he knows the right thing amidst the wrong things. “At the Palace, what is right is not always the right answer,” says Seok-Jo. Even a mere sense of loyalty will not guarantee anything. Ji-Woon adamantly begs for his place and says that he is willing to adapt to everything. 

The King’s Affection season 1, episode 14 recap

Seeing his willingness, Seok-Jo confronts Lord Sangheon to request a special place for Ji-Woon. Unable to believe Seok-Jo’s son due to the previous episode, Ji-Woon contributes to helping Lee Hwi escape from the Palace, Lord Sangheon refuses to give him a position. Seok-Jo counters back asking Lord Sangheon to fulfill his promise to prioritize his family and never go against them which successfully earns Ji-Woon a place as Lee Hwi messengers. 

The changes are subtle. He asks Lee Hwi to let him stay with her for two months to treat her wounds and promise to act accordingly. Ji-Woon also moves back to his home and all he did is collect the King’s orders that are already sorted at the Seungjeongwon. There is a flood of appeal to impeach Lord Sangheon, but the inspector turns a blind eye on them. Including Ji-Woon who tries his best not to interfere anymore. As someone who once uses the Lotus analogy as a way to teach Lord Sangheon a lesson, Ji-Woon successfully makes his colleagues wonder. Well, his position as a delivery man is only a shield. His main intention is to treat Lee Hwi’s wound and stay by her side.

The night and the secret with the Queen 

The Palace is now putting Lee Hwi in a tight position to produce an heir. Lord Sangheon suppresses the Palace’s astrologist to quickly find the best time for Lee Hwi and the Queen to spend the night. He also banishes the Queen dowager’s family. From Lord Changheon to Prince Jahyeon. He also put Lord Wonsan, Hyun’s brother who contributes to the chaos, to a faraway place and leaves no room for Lee Hwi to make any decisions. After seeing how sincere the Queen is for her, Lee Hwi decides to not run away from their planned night and tell her the truth. She also asks her to keep her secret. Of course, The Queen sheds her tears after finding out what’s coming for her. Lee Hwi’s decisions also create a fuss within Court Lady Kim and Eunnuch Hong. But the truth is, she can’t hide it forever.

Meanwhile, Seok-Jo is growing suspicious towards Lee Hwi’s wound that she caught during her escape since the Royal doctor doesn’t seem to know anything about it. Yes, Lee Hwi hides it well and Ji-Woon has been the one who treats her wounds. Because the wound might lead to a fatal revelation. But there’s another thing that tickles his curiosity. Lee Hwi’s identity. He notices the acupuncture marks on the back of Lee Hwi’s neck. 

Lee Hwi’s secret revenge Plan 

Ji-Woon secretly tails Lee Hwi who happens to secretly meet Commander Yoon. He is banned from the King’s quarters by Lord Sangheon. She conducts a dangerous plan with Commander Yoon to reveal Lord Sangheon’s private army in Yayeon and her father’s poison as a way to bring him down. The eunuch who brings poisonous herbal tonic has committed suicide and her wife runaway so they’ll need to find her first.  

Commander Yoon encounters Seok-Jo on his way back after conducting a secret meeting with Lee Hwi. Seok-Jo asks him what is he doing at the Palace quarters because he supposes to be in the countryside. Yoon starts to bring up topics about Lord Sangheon is stopping the reports from every province and dismissing anyone who is against him, even putting away scholars. Seok-Jo tries to dodge the topics. Commander Yoon reminds him about the old times where they promise to not live the life they’ll regret during their old days. Yoon asks if Seok-Jo regrets his decision to serve Lord Sangheon which ironically replies with, “I never had a chance to decide unlike you did,” says Seok-Jo. Only people who come from noble families got the chance to make decisions. Seok-Jo believes even if he goes back in time, this is the only path for him. 

Seok-Jo excuses himself. He let Commander Yoon slides as a friend but will not turn blind if he ever sees him again at the palace quarters. 

“If anything happens to Lee Hwi, I will lose my mind.”

After treating Lee Hwi’s wound for the last time, Ji-Woon shares a moment of truth with Hyun. He is bewildered after knowing that Hyun is already aware of Lee Hwi’s identity all along. It is also the time where Hyun finally reveals his feeling to Ji-Woon. He shares how he suppress his feeling towards Lee Hwi because it can harm her. “What I had is just a feeling but she could get hurt from it,” 

Hyun asks Ji-Woon to end his feeling before it gets painful because he will lose his mind if anything happens to Lee Hwi. I know some of you might probably think it’s another cliches dialogue about a battle of feelings between two bachelors to win the heart of his lady but it’s not the case. What Hyun means is what is shown in the last scene before the episode ends. 

After meeting Hyun, Ji-Woon encounters Lee Hwi who is walking all alone at the empty and dark royal garden in the middle of the night. He realizes that he can’t promise Hyun because Lee Hwi also becomes the center of his universe. The next day, Ji-Woon secretly helps Lee Hwi with his revenge plan against Lord Sangheon by giving a daily log of cargo ships. One of the most important pieces of data that she needs to track down is Lord Sangheon’s activities in delivering weapons to strengthen his private armies. 

The ending 

Seok-Jo visits royal acupuncture and asks about the possibility of blocking the pulse using acupuncture methods on the back of the neck. The royal acupuncture acknowledges it leaving Seok-Jo bewildered. Meanwhile, Lee Hwi comes for another night walk to clear her mind. But this time, the path is not dark anymore. Ji-Woon secretly lights lanterns to brighten the path. Lee Hwi witnesses everything and the two walk together side by side. “You always choose the path that is not safe so I wanted to light the path in some way,” says Ji-Woon. This is a metaphor for their relationship with one another. Lee Hwi always lives a dangerous life and Ji-Woon encourages and protects her way.

As the two almost near the end of the path, “My wound has fully healed,” says Lee Hwi. Which also means the end of their encounter. Lee Hwi confronts her feelings by saying that he wants to be with him a bit longer. Ji-Woon embraces her fragile body and heart. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that,” says Ji-Woon. Both of them smile at one another and share a kiss. 

Remember what Hyun said that your feeling might harm the person you love? Yes. It turns out, Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon is not the only one who walks down the light path. There’s Seok-Jo who witnesses and recalls every moment, from the birth of the twin baby to the moment he kills the child whom he suspects to be “Dam-i’ when in fact, it’s the real Crown Prince. He tightens his swords as he witnesses his only son and the person he has been ough to kill kisses one another. 

You can stream The King’s Affection season 1, episode 14 exclusively on Netflix.

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