The King’s Affection season 1, episode 15 recap – the beginning of Lord Sangheon’s fallout

November 30, 2021
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The King’s Affection episode 15 details the beginning of Lord Sangheon’s fallout and provides some overdue but necessary focus on Ga-On.

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The King’s Affection episode 15 details the beginning of Lord Sangheon’s fallout and provides some overdue but necessary focus on Ga-On.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The King’s Affection season 1, episode 15 contains spoilers.

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The episode starts with Seok-Jo channeling his worry after witnessing Ji-Woon is kissing Lee Hwi, which brings more sense of Lee Hwi’s real identity to him. He is walking down a memory lane to the day he mistakenly killed the Crown Prince, Dam-i’s twin brother. After the kiss, Ji-Woon comes home where Seok-Jo asks for a sword duel. For the first time, Seok-Jo reaches out his hand to Ji-Woon again and the two go to enjoy a drink together. Ji-Woon tells Seok-Jo that he gains his swordsmanship skill while he’s traveling to Ming as a way to defend himself after he praises his skill advancement. Seok-Jo recalls the first time Ji-Woon wants to gain his skill and knowledge due to his vulnerable love for Dam-i, who mysteriously disappears. He asks Ji-Woon if he resents him over what happened to Dam-i, and the two shares a candid moment together.

The King’s Affection season 1, episode 15 recap

Out of all the characters, Ga-On is probably one of the most wasted ones after So-Eun.  We barely see him and don’t get a proper story for his actions or his past before the last five episodes. The King’s Affection season 1, episode 15 is probably one of the longest times we’ve seen his story. Ga-On recalls the night The King dies due to the poisoned drink. After the tragedy, Ga-On goes to the Eunnuch’s house who brings the poisoned herbal tonic. He finds the late Eunnuch hanging inside his house, but rather than a suicide, it’s a murder. He finds a mysterious person inside the late Eunnuch’s house who manages to run away.

To reveal the truth, Ga-On goes to find Eunnuch’s wife who is in the middle of hiding. She reveals Lord Sangheon’s involvement in the King’s death and how his husband intentionally put her into hiding to save her before passing away. Another shocking revelation is that Eunnuch’s late wife is involved in the death of Ga-On’s father dead who is falsely accused, Kang Hwa-Gil. To save her life, her husband is willing to do Lord Sangheon’s favor to deliver a message which becomes the reason behind Kang Hwa-Gil’s being framed as a traitor because she reveals that the person who receives the message from his husband is falsely accused and get his head beheaded afterward. She confirms that the person is Kang Hwa-Gil.

The Palace’s Romance

Let’s go back to our Palace couple. Ji-Woon seems to be in a good mood after sharing a kiss with Lee Hwi in the previous episode. We finally see his goofy sides again after him dealing with a broken heart for the past episodes. Meanwhile, Ji-Woon is not the only one who is having a lovestruck. Lee Hwi also smiled from ear to ear while reminiscing their romance the other night. From the hug to the kiss. Poor Eunnuch Hong for being the third-wheel.

While Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon are having the best time of their life. The Queen is having a mental breakdown in her room after Lee Hwi blows her off during their night together. She starts to blame herself out of rejection. So it turns out, Lee Hwi is not yet revealed her identity to her. Trying to ease her mind, the Queen’s court lady reveals how Lee Hwi’s relationship with Lord Sangheon is amicable. Since her father has a tight relationship with Lord Sangheon, it might be the reason behind Lee Hwi putting distance from her. Her face lights up thinking that everything will resolve as simple as she imagines.

The start of the riot

The scholars start to riot and demand to dismiss Lord Sangheon. The protester ends up in prison but Lord Sangheon is worried that he can’t hold them for long. Lee Hwi and Lord Sangheon had a conversation over the protest. She warns him that the gradual increases might cause a burden to him. She asks to reinstate Lord Shin Yeong-san back to the palace. The ex-General Inspector is known for his integrity. He is also the one who is forced to leave the Palace and relate himself to the countryside by Lord Sangheon.

What Lee Hwi wants, Lee Hwi gets. Master Yeong-san receives a secret message from Lee Hwi: Bulbimnyeong. Which means, “The bird that stays grounded in silence”. The passages refer to Lee Hwi who silently moves to reveal her grandfather’s crime. Master Yeong-san recalls The late King’s words to him to keep the boat well-balanced in order to protect the Palace and his people. The secret message successfully brings him back as the Royal General Inspector. Of course, Lord Sangheon surprises himself with his return. Seok-Jo warns Lord Sangheon that Master Yeosan’s return as an Inspector General to the Palace might get in the way of his political endeavors.

“I do not intend to be pieces in your political games, Your Majesty. It means I will not always blindly stand beside you, if you go in the wrong direction, I will be the one who opposes your direction,” says Master Yeong-san. Lee Hwi is pleased with his words and dedication because It is also the reason for his reinstallation: to adjust and free the court from Lord Sangheon’s grasp. She orders him to investigate the Minister of Taxation that disobeys the laws as an Inspector General. Ji-Woon purposely left out the part of Lee Hwi and Master Yeosan’s conversation to protect her.

The investigation

Master Yeong-san starts with an investigation by the Minister of Taxation about the missing rice that was meant to be delivered to the soldier in Hamgil provinces which stack with his sheds. The minister refuses his statement but Master Yeong-san comes up with the daily log of cargo ships which shows the records of the Minister of Taxation utilizing the cargo ship for personal use. Not long after, Lee Hwi steps inside the room and confronts the Minister for the corruption he commits. From using the cargo ships for personal matters and hoarding the rice from the soldier.  Afraid to lose his head, the Minister reveals that all he did was to aid Lord Sangheon. Lee Hwi catches his unintentional confession and keeps on pushing the truth out of his mouth by confronting how he uses the cargo ships to transfer weapons to Hamgil provinces. He begs for mercy. As a return, she asks the Minister to leave the palace and reveal the guild that provides Lord Sangheon with the weapon.

Meanwhile, the news about the Minister of Taxation has finally reached Lord Sangheon’s ears. He orders to burn down all the weapons in the storage before the Inspector finds out. Burning with rage, Lord Sangheon confronts Lee Hwi. He demands to punish Minister Park himself and warns her that this is the last time he let her cheeky action slide.

The battle begins

Ji-Woon is keeping himself busy to protect Lee Hwi as a Royal Scribes by secretly writing the appeal to the kings about the Minister of Taxation corruption and impeachment. The appeals are being spread all over the Palace which triggers Lord Sangheon even more. The next day, everyone read the appeals. Lee Hwi successfully impeaches Minister Park during the morning assembly and asks Ji-Woon to write it in the King’s Diary. In return, Ji-Woon asked for a wish rather than words of affirmation for their successful teamwork. His wish is simple: Lee Hwi must not get angry. Before she finishes processing everything, he goes in for a kiss which surprises her at the same time. Aw.

Meanwhile, Hyun has been keeping his distance from Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon. He has been asking a favor from Eunnuch Hong to deliver his findings regarding Lord Sangheon’s cases. It turns out the battle is not only happening in the court but also in the Queen’s quarters right after Ji-Woon declares to Hyun how he will not be leaving the Palace and dodges his feeling away for Lee Hwi.

The Queen is asking them about Lee Hwi’s favorite things because she wishes to comfort her amidst the state affair. Hyun and Ji-Woon hilariously go neck to neck against each other to show who’s the one who knows Lee Hwi the best until they realize they might reveal too much about her and awkwardly asks the Queen to keep their meeting a secret from Lee Hwi.

I have to admit that the Queen is adorable. After gaining information about Lee Hwi’s likes and dislikes, she appears holding a big bucket of flowers, sweet peaches, and a smile on her face. We all know how clumsy the Queen gets, each time she reaches out to give something, her feet stumble, and their hand touches one another. The queen becomes giddy while Lee Hwi continues to feel guilty. Can somebody please tell her the truth already?

“I wish to carry on the legacy”

After knowing the truth behind his father’s death, Ga-On comes to the late King’s grave. He recalls Commander Yoon’s favor to avenge the late King’s wish and help to build the world his father dreams of to him. His mind travels back to the time Ga-On disguise himself and secretly sneaks into Lee Hwi’s room to kill her. He is ready to take her sword out until he finds out Lee Hwi’s secret and closes the door quietly. He reminisces the times where Lee Hwi saves and shows compassion towards him. So it turns out, Ga-On already knows Lee Hwi’s identity all along. He also finds the other missing piece to complete his father’s pendants that belong to the King.

At night, Lee Hwi meets Commander Yoon alongside Ga-On to confess the truth. Ga-On reveals himself as the assassin who attacks her during the royal hunting. He also confesses his ill intention to kill the late King when he first comes to the Palace but changes after knowing the truth. He wishes to carry on the legacy of which Lee Hwi and his father dream to build a better world.

Commander Yoon also reveals Ga-on’s real identity as the son of the late Inspector Kang Hwa-Gil, who was falsely beheaded after being framed by Lord Sangheon as a traitor and Ga-On witnessing her father’s last moment. Lee Hwi asks Ga-On who is the person behind her father’s death.

Meanwhile, Lord Sangheon order Seok-Jo to kill Minister Park after letting Minister Park away from the Palace. After slashing him with his sword, we witness Seok-Jo’s dilemma. He encounters Ji-Woon who notices that his father’s weariness. Seok-Jo reassures Ji-Won that he is just tired. He looks at his son. The look on his face says it all. He knows and is afraid that the time will come where Lord Sangheon orders him to kill his son since Seok-Jo is aware of Ji-Woon’s secret relationship with Lee Hwi.

The ending

After all the hassle, Lee Hwi calmly rests herself underneath the tree. Ji-Woon who happens to pass by approaches the sleeping beauty and is mesmerized by her. Not long after, the Queen comes in and interferes with his moment because she is looking for her King. Ji-Woon hides behind the tree. So, Ji-Woon is not the only one who mesmerizes by Lee Hwi’s charm. The Queen finds her good-looking and can’t help herself to try and kiss the sleeping Lee Hwi. Unfortunately, her attempt fails. Lee Hwi wakes up and the two fall down. She notices Ji-Woon’s presence and awkwardly asks the Queen to have tea together. Ji-Woon witnessing the awkwardness while burning in jealousy, even though she’s a woman.

Back at Lee Hwi’s quarter, she notices Ji-Woon’s jealousy towards the Queen. She teases him and whispers to meet secretly at their secret garden. The sun is ready to set, Ji-Woon is anxiously waiting for Lee Hwi who appears as radiant as the sun. She gently approaches him. His knee becomes weak. Lee Hwi confronts that she remembers everything he says about not leaving her behind and initiates a peck of a kiss. Ji-Woon returns the peck with an intimate kiss underneath the evening sky.

You can stream The King’s Affection season 1, episode 15 exclusively on Netflix.

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