Bosch season 7, episode 7 recap – “Workaround”

By M.N. Miller
Published: June 25, 2021 (Last updated: August 26, 2021)
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“Workaround” is the quiet before the storm as Bosch ponders the next move that may cost him his career, which is a small price to pay for justice.

This recap of Amazon original Bosch season 7, episode 7, “Workaround,” contains spoilers.

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Pest Control

Oh, Captain Cooper (Mark Herrier) is not as stupid as he looks or, I guess, acts. He assigns Billets (Amy Aquino) to a community dog and poney show. She needs to get in uniform and talk to local business owners about what police can do. As she explains to a jewelry store owner how the cops can offer local support, she admits that her only vice is earings. So, naturally, he offers her a good pair at a significantly lower rate from the general public. She declines, of course. That doesn’t mean they won’t end up in her trunk.

That’s right. Someone called internal affairs and got a tip that she used her power as a lieutenant to strong-arm a local business owner to get a pricey pair of free earrings. She is suspended and sent home. That doesn’t mean she is going to take this screw job lying down. She gets Vega (Jacquiline Obradors) to run her own internal investigation. She grabs her partner, Pierce (DaJuan Johnson), to investigate. The jewelry store owner cracks practically immediately. It turns out that he is an old college buddy, a fraternity brother, of Captain Cooper.

He arranged the entire thing. Cooper cuts the red tape for his buddy for a while now. He owed him. Cooper sent Leonard and Norris to go pick up the jewelry themselves. They put it in Billets’ car. Now, all three are arrested. When Cooper is brought out of his office in handcuffs, he mutters to his nemesis, “I’ll be back.” Billets response, “When pigs fly.”  

Bosch Loses Faith

After seven seasons, Harry’s resolve is pushed to the brink. The woman he just started to fall for was murdered, he can’t trust his partner, and now the man who ordered the firebombing of an apartment building is going to walk. Chief Irving has ordered Bosch to step back and to let this one go. Irving was given a key piece of information on the investigation of the Mayor. He used that to his advantage to secure a second term under her. If Bosch continues any further, this will ruin his job prospects. The man pulled an Alec Baldwin and brought a newborn baby home at his age. He needs the gig.

So, Bosch begins to shake up the hornet’s nest. He visits Trejo, still in prison, and shows him Jerry’s pictures of his boss, Miguel Pena. He breaks the news to him. His boss is a government snitch, even when he ordered the firebombing that led to multiple deaths, including our little tamale girl. Later that night, Bosch gets the call. There is an order coming straight from the top of the Los Angeles Police Force to stand down on all Lo Palmos cases. That giant RICO investigation that Pena is snitch on is going down tomorrow.

Bosch has already promised justice for that girl’s father, who was beaten and put in the hospital by a couple of Pena goons. He shakes his head, tosses his cell phone on the glass table, and looks up at the ceiling of his house. He takes a deep breath and exhales, pondering the moves he has to make next. Moves that may end his career, which is a small price to pay for justice.

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