The Society Recap: Courtroom Drama

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 10, 2019 (Last updated: last month)
The Society Episode 5 Putting on the Clothes Recap - Netflix Series


The Society Episode 5, “Putting on the Clothes”, puts the Netflix series in a new era, as the characters start implementing law and order.

This recap of The Society Episode 5, “Putting on the Clothes” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The Society Episode 5, “Putting on the Clothes” throws a spanner in the works when a random, unknown character confesses to the murder in an indirect way to Harry – his name is Greg Dewey (Seth Meriwether); it was a bit of a sell-out that they used a character that has barely surfaced from the number of characters they have introduced, but it fits the mantra that it is always someone who is least likely to do it. Harry (Alex Fitzalan) does the right thing and tells Kelly (Kristine Froseth) and then approaches Gordie (José Julián) about the confession.

The Guard talk about Harry and Greg and plan a pre-dawn raid to capture the suspect. The raid itself is amateur, but the teens make it known that every process they are implementing in their new situation at present, is crafted there and then. They do not have prison cells, so they have to make do with a wine cellar until they investigate.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines in “Putting on the Clothes” Elle (Olivia DeJonge) finds a stray dog and strangely asks Campbell (Sean Berdy) for permission in whether they can keep it. Campbell accepts, but there is an air of strange tension between them, and he seems more bothered that the suspicions are not aimed at him anymore after the arrest of Greg.

Greg’s time in the wine cellar is indicative of harmful practices; Gordie tries presenting the shell cases to Greg and describes how Cassandra died, and Clark (Spencer House) interrogates him and beats him to a pulp until the others stop him. Meanwhile, Will (Jacques Colimon) and Allie (Kathryn Newton), who seem to be forging a new alliance, put plans together to host a proper trial, with a judge, and a jury.

The Society Episode 5 Putting on the Clothes Recap - Netflix Series

But Allie is aware that to restore public order, she must deliver a fair trial, and asks Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) to defend Greg in court. It’s slightly like The Walking Dead when the new community have to try and create modern day practices in less desirable environments.

The trial itself secured another good episode for The Society. Allie and The Guard do an impressive job in making it appear like a legal proceeding in “Putting on the Clothes. Gordie presents the bullet cases, and how they match Greg’s gun, and Helena makes a justified challenge to the evidence. They also put the key witness on the stand, Harry, who reveals that Greg may have killed Cassandra for him, which sends the courtroom into disarray.

Elle loses the dog as quickly as she finds it, but Episode 5 angles it that Campbell has done something to the animal as he frantically washes his hands while denying that he has seen the canine. Elle is slowly finding out the dark side of her partner.

Before the verdict, Allie speaks to Greg directly in the wine cellar; she demands that tell the truth about that fatal night and hints that his sentencing will be worse than life in prison. This scene highlights that The Society has moved past the point of wondering if their old lives will return; the characters are indeed in the deep.

The ending of Episode 5 brings the guilty verdict, and Greg wants to make a statement before the sentencing – he reduces to a man of rage, calling Cassandra a range of derogatory terms and admits killing her was a favor for everyone. But the damning part of his statement is when he claims Harry made it known to a group of friends that he wished she was dead and that Campbell planned the entire murder with him. “Putting on the Clothes” closes out with The Guard arresting Campbell.

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