The Society Recap: The Death Penalty

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 10, 2019
The Society Episode 6 Like a F-ing God or Something Recap - Netflix Series


The Society Episode 6, “Like a F-ing God or Something” shows the characters go to extreme measures to bring justice to the community.

This recap of The Society Episode 6, “Like a F-ing God or Something” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The Society Episode 6, “Like a F-ing God or Something” represents a terrifying turning point for the community and one that the writers handled carefully to ensure that the characters’ principles are known before the momentous event. With The Guard working non-stop, they need new numbers for protection, but what’s lurking around the corner is the conversation around the death penalty. In this situation, is it the right thing to do? For the audience, it’s a difficult question to answer in the scenario the characters find themselves in.

Another issue is Campbell (Toby Wallace); Elle (Olivia DeJonge) is scared of her partner and suggests to Allie (Kathryn Newton) that to stop him, she must kill him. As for Harry (Alex Fitzalan), he is off the hook, because even though he wished for Cassandra’s death, he was not involved in the crime.

The “Going Home” committee starts in “Like a F-ing God or Something”, and the first results are in; they are surrounded only by a dense forest, and there’s no sign of life. The drone starts malfunctioning when it reaches a certain height. In other words, they are lost, and there does not seem to be a solution.

The Society Episode 6 sees The Guard slowly turning against Allie, believing she looks weak by not making the tough decisions. They confront her, but you can tell by her body language that she is stalling. She wholeheartedly disagrees with the death penalty, explaining that they cannot enforce it due to fear. I agreed with her at this moment – The Guard are becoming too used to power. The way this story is written is a little soft, where all the men that support Allie expect her to ruthlessly make dictatorship-like decisions on someone’s life, ridding their responsibility just because they are not the leader. I feel like it has been written wrong; it looks like Allie has been set up.

While Elle plays the piano, Campbell returns, and you can see the fear dawn on her face as she once again has to cater to an abusive relationship. Many disagree with Allie for letting Campbell go.

The Society Episode 6 Like a F-ing God or Something Recap - Netflix Series

Due to the pressure of The Guard encouraging her to make a death penalty decision on Greg Dewey, Allie tries to quit, but Will refuses to hear it. He makes the strong line of, “people need to be afraid to cross you”.

At the sentencing, Allie gathers herself and explains her justification for letting Campbell go, but shockingly gives Greg Dewey the death penalty for the murder of her sister.

The execution is nerve-racking – three of The Guard all have guns, with two of them holding blanks, and one with real bullets. Greg is terrified, begging them all to change their mind, making the scene unbearable. Allie counts down, but to make the situation worse, all three of them miss. Grizz (Jack Mulhern) cannot take it any longer and walks away, so Will (Jacques Colimon) offers to do it, but Allie instead picks up the gun and counts down. I was surprised that with all the tension and regret seeping in the air, that they went through with it, and you can feel the spiraling shock and sadness spreading all over Allie’s face. They try and console her after but she’s distraught.

But with death, there is life in “Like a F-ing God or Something”, with Becca’s (Gideon Adlon) bump getting bigger. Luke (Alex MacNicoll) asks Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) to marry him, and she asks him to take her virginity. These moments are slotted in despite the entire tragedy of executing someone.

Episode 6, “Like a F-ing God or Something”, ends with Will and Allie arguing over the tragic events. Allie accuses Will of pushing her into it and asks him to stay away from her for a long time. What I found painful about this conversation is that Will tried to take the gun.

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