The Society Recap: Thanksgiving Blues

May 10, 2019
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The Society Episode 7, “Allie’s Rules”, is a dull chapter, which relies on the cliffhanger at the end to save a slow-paced, nothing story.



The Society Episode 7, “Allie’s Rules”, is a dull chapter, which relies on the cliffhanger at the end to save a slow-paced, nothing story.

This recap of The Society Episode 7, “Allie’s Rules” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The Society Episode 7, “Allie’s Rules”, is a boring filler episode, with a cliffhanger that could have easily been compiled into a more progressive chapter. It had the hallmarks to be interesting, but it had that slow-moving feeling that you often get for a few episodes in The Walking Dead. It’s six months later under Allie’s (Kathryn Newton) rule, and we get a picture of how it is working. The new law is those who don’t work don’t eat. It’s a system that works for everyone, apparently – apart from Harry (Alex Fitzalan) who is extremely depressed.

Allie is having bad dreams at the start of Episode 7 and shares it with Will (Jacques Colimon), who she has made friends with again since the last episode. She believes karma is coming her way after the execution of Greg Dewey. Her town meeting represents a lack of confidence as the community is more interested in having an update on the Going Home committee. The Resources committee give their intentions to look for farmland and alternative food suppliers, or they will have a severe shortage by Summer.

As for Becca (Gideon Adlon), one of the group has figured out that she’s pregnant, which mustn’t have been hard. Kelly (Kristine Froseth) provides her with extra rations to help with the pregnancy. Becca reveals that Sam (Sean Berdy) is the father, but I couldn’t fathom if she meant in a loving sense or biological.

Will suggests that Allie should put the town leadership under elections, but Allie kicks that back, stating that they are not ready for such a shift in democracy; that sounds like something a dictator would say. The writers have evolved the character in this six-month gap where we haven’t seen her grow; she seems to relish her leadership.

The Society Episode 7 Allie's Rules Recap - Netflix Series

Elle (Olivia DeJonge) is still in a relationship with Campbell (Toby Wallace); she practices smiling and laughing in the mirror, but the scene shows she has plenty of bruises on her ribs and lower back. Campbell makes a wish to stay in for Thanksgiving rather than joining the others, and she agrees.

A new relationship is brewing in “Allie’s Rules” as Grizz (Jack Mulhern) and Sam start becoming closer friends. Grizz wants to learn sign language so he can talk to him more, and inevitably it leads to kissing.

As for depressed Harry, before the community Thanksgiving, Allie tries picking him back up, but also at the same time ruthlessly takes away a half off his rations until he returns to work. In the church, Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) delivers a rousing speech about fate and working together, which seems to resonate with some, but not others.

For Thanksgiving, the community play football and at the end of it, before they go inside and eat, the Going Home committee deliver a new report – Gordie (José Julián) lets the town know that the stars have moved, and the satellites have gone – he provides his belief that they are in a parallel universe, which gives Allie hope; somewhere their parents are still alive, and she uses this report as positive.

While everyone else is enjoying Thanksgiving, Elle is trying to poison Campbell by lacing the Thanksgiving pie with Campbell. She eagerly requests that they skip dinner and go straight to dessert, but when Campbell finds out that she has not done a Thanksgiving meal since a child, he suddenly wants to go to the community with the pie she has made. It’s ironic in the one moment she is trying to poison her partner, he shows a sign of endearment and forces her out the door with the pie. “Allie’s Rules” ends with Elle at the Thanksgiving meal and the cake on the table, ready to be eaten.

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