The Society Recap: Delicious Pie

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 10, 2019 (Last updated: Yesterday)
Image of Elle in The Society Episode 8 Poison Recap - Netflix Series


The Society Episode 8, “Poison”, deals with the aftermath of the chemically laced pumpkin pie, and the effects it has on the community.

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The Society Episode 8, “Poison”, was nervewracking for the most part, as the Thanksgiving party is under danger by Elle’s (Olivia DeJonge) pumpkin pie. It’s horrifying when you see Allie (Kathryn Newton) take a piece of cake, and then as Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) announces her wedding, Elle is watching a few people dig into the pumpkin goodness laced with chemicals. In desperation, she hoovers down a couple of pieces to stop more of her acquaintances from eating it.

Sam (Sean Berdy) and Grizz (Jack Mulhern) seem to not care about Thanksgiving as they declare their feelings for each other and remain in bed during the ordeal, while pregnant Becca (Gideon Adlon) worries about the father of her child.

“Poison” takes the attention away from the cake for a few moments; at the Thanksgiving party, a group led by Lexie (Grace Victoria Cox) perform an improvisation, which takes hurtful digs at Allie’s leadership, forcing Will (Jacques Colimon) to defend her midway through the performance. Will finally gets the girl he has yearned for during the entire series after the party, as Kelly (Kristine Froseth) turns up at his house.

The poison eventually sets in during Episode 8, forcing Will, Gordie (José Julián) and Kelly to open the clinic doors to treat everyone. Allie and others are retching constantly, forcing Kelly to read a medical book to teach herself IV. Elle starts having a fit, forcing Campbell (Toby Wallace) to bring her in, and Kelly’s first IV treatment is successful. Elle is horrified because she wanted to die. Meanwhile, Kelly notices how much Will cares for Allie as he stays at her bedside.

Image of Kelly performing IV in The Society Episode 8 Poison Recap - Netflix Series

Everyone recovers, but Becca requires the clinic due to her pregnancy, which gives Grizz the indication that Sam is the father of her child, causing an emotional argument between the pair in the episode. Gordie figures out that it was poison causing everyone to be sick, and he wonders how it got into their food.

Allie puts together a group to investigate the poison attack, presuming someone must have brought the poison from home-cooked meals. Campbell seems to figure out that Elle caused the attack, and lies to The Guard, stating that he tried the pumpkin pie filling and he was fine.

The writers display how brutal Allie’s leadership has become in Episode 8. Due to the improv embarrassing Allie, they assume that Lexie is suspect number one; Clark (Spencer House) and Jason (Emilio Garcia-Sanchez) interrogate her, and even when she needs to put on a pad due to period bleeding, they force her to get changed in front of them while they watch. When Lexie approaches Allie later about this issue, the leader quickly dismisses it.

Kelly decides to approach Will about his feelings for Allie, and he acutely admits that he is in love with her. If you remember at the start of the series, he declared his love for Kelly, so this was a strange turn of events for a quiet character. Due to Will’s declaration of love, it opens up the story of Kelly and Harry. She decides to visit him to get him out of his depressed slump and enjoy the outside world.

The last two scenes close off a satisfying Episode 8. Campbell asks Elle what she used in the pie, and is happy that he fears her, stating that they are both the same. You can feel the horror in Elle’s face as the man who abuses her claims they are identical. Allie delivers a speech and puts her leadership up for contest, announcing elections and that anyone can run for mayor. Later on that day, Will gets into Allie’s bed and puts his arm around her.

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