The Society Recap: Election Tensions

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 10, 2019


The Society Episode 9, “New Names“, is one of the stronger chapters of the Netflix series, with the characters’ having to make critical decisions about their town.

This recap of The Society Episode 9, “New Names” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s Election time in The Society Episode 9, “New Names“. It seems the characters cannot count on the future of returning to their previous lives; they must move on. It’s a strange, but intriguing start to the chapter, as Campbell (Toby Wallace) puts Harry’s (Alex Fitzalan) name down for the election debate and spends the rest of the episode whispering in his ear, hoping on a new dawn for the town. Kelly (Kristine Froseth) confronts Harry about it, unimpressed by his new lease of life when he was depressed only a day ago. Allie (Kathryn Newton) meanwhile wants to continue to investigate the poisoning despite new leads, while also handling Will’s (Jacques Colimon) advances after he slipped into her bed the other night. She does kiss him, but a few scenes later abruptly tells him that her leadership needs to be secure; a relationship won’t help that.

Elle’s (Olivia DeJonge) story is slowly gaining momentum, as Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) finds out about Campbell’s abusive ways in “New Names”, so takes Elle in. Campbell does not take the lack of control kindly and turns up at the house demanding that he sees Elle. He’s the embodiment of a typical abuser who does not get his way. Later on, he sends Elle a video of Helena sleeping, constituting a threat, so decides to leave the house. Later on in Episode 9, she confesses to Allie for the poisoning, and the reasons why, and begs her to arrest her for protection.

In a wrong move for Allie, she tells The Guard that they cannot run for the debate for mayor, due to the fact they are military. They are unimpressed by her command, and her protection is slowly losing confidence in her.

As for Becca (Gideon Adlon), she is preparing for the pregnancy; Kelly and Gordie (José Julián) are reading medical books to organize for the birth. Sam (Sean Berdy), who is the father of Becca’s unborn baby, tries to speak to Grizz (Jack Mulhern) before he goes on his trip, but he’s still wounded that Sam kept Becca’s pregnancy from him.

The Society Episode 9 New Names Recap - Netflix Series

Luke (Alex MacNicoll) and Helena are in hot waters in “New Names” as Helena tells him not to run for elections; she buys Allie’s leadership. I didn’t like Luke’s immature response to the ordeal; he rejects sex from Helena and starts claiming they are moving too fast to marriage. Luke can be emotionally abusive as a character.

Sam and Grizz’s cold war finally breaks, with the writers building up to the moment where the Resource Team head out on a journey to find ways to farm. They embrace in the heat of the moment, as Allie delivers a farewell speech.

The debate itself is rather unusual; Harry delivers a speech about moving forward and living healthy lives, while Allie states that the next six months will be tough and they need continuity. But the entire debate is dismantled by Lexie (Grace Victoria Cox), who points out the flaws to Harry’s rich man gang, and Allie’s dictatorship ways, describing the time when she allowed The Guard to imprison her and watched her go through her period.

The polls are not looking good, and Lexie surprisingly becomes favorite to win. Allie and Will have a heated argument about their relationship, with Will making a passionate speech about Allie’s choices, and how she cannot control and decide everything in the town. She later joins him in bed, succumbing to her love for him.

The Society Episode 9, “New Names“, ends with Kelly and Becca having a pleasant conversation and looking through old photos on their phones. They look at images from the night everyone disappeared when they returned on the bus, and Kelly recognizes the bus driver.

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