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Easy Season 3, Episode 3, “Spontaneous Combustion”, is a profoundly well-scripted, well-acted chapter that is indicative of modern-day relationships.

This review of Easy Season 3, Episode 3, “Spontaneous Combustion” contains spoilers. The third season of Easy is going to be the final to land on Netflix. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 3, “Spontaneous Combustion”, is an impressive chapter of Easy Season 3 that’s indicative of the modern relationship. It follows lesbian couple Jo (Jacqueline Toboni) and Chase (Kiersey Clemons), who are enjoying a social outing. The topic of their lease comes up, and Chase slightly hesitates.

That hesitation was Chase’s way of demonstrating that she doesn’t want to make a significant commitment when she is not sure who she is as a person, and what experiences she may want. Their body language is incredible to watch; you can see every inch of pain and nervousness, highlighting a superb performance.

What I found fascinating about “Spontaneous Combustion” is how both characters dealt with the situation amicably. Jo is devastated but gets on with her day to day career of being a film editor, while Chase moves out to live on a friend’s couch, enjoying the promiscuous party life to gain the experiences she desired.

Their friends’ advice is more indicative of the situation; Chase’s friend gives suitable advice that if she is not ready to settle, then it would be harmful to commit, while Jo’s friend provides the holistic view; if your loved one wants to break it off for “time and space”, it’s not personal to you, and you should wholeheartedly give it despite the pain.

Easy Season 3 Episode 3 Spontaneous Combustion Recap - Netflix Series

These are the kind of relationship lessons everyone needs equipping in their armory, and Episode 3 highlights a new learned landscape between two adults. Eventually, Jo finds herself a date, her ex-manager, while Chase is kicked out of her friend’s house and has to resort to temporarily moving back into Jo’s home.

Despite Chase’s party life, and sleeping with various women, she becomes jealous and spends the night sending her long texts. Due to Chase creeping into her mind, Jo cannot have sex with her date, and decides to head home, and sit on the couch with Chase, who has romantically put the house back to how it was before.

I think the lesson provided in “Spontaneous Combustion” is understanding one another; a relationship is not ownership, and allowing your partner to make their own choices can provide clarity on each other’s understanding of the situation. This is way better than screaming and shouting.

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