High Seas (Alta mar) Season 1 Review: Spanish Netflix Series Aims For Mystery and Intrigue All Aboard If You Dare



High Seas season 1 crafts an intriguing story on a luxury cruise ship in the 1940s wonderfully, with many mysteries mixed with a classy interior in the Spanish Netflix series.

After spending most of my day immersing myself in the dark What/If story, I made the terrible decision to watch another story shrouded in mystery – Spanish Netflix series High Seas season 1. My brain was already toasted at this point, but luckily, this elegant series is not bad at all. The opening presents the setting of 1940s Spain, with two sisters about to embark on a luxury ship to Brazil, when suddenly a woman nearby alerts their attention, signifying an abusive man, so they use their privilege and hide her on the cruiser.

It’s clear that Spanish Netflix series High Seas wants to present itself as a crime mystery; in the opening episode when the story is relaxing so the audience can become accustomed to the main characters, it immediately ensures there is a murder to be solved straight away. High Seas season 1 glamourises the classy interior of the ship and persuades all characters to have an on-the-nose suspicious look about them as they mingle in the pretentious setting.

If High Seas intrigues you from the first episode, then you will be submerged into a story with a string of deaths, with friends, family, and acquaintances all playing their part in the mystery.

Focusing on the sisters; Carolina (Ivana Baquero) and Eva (Alejandra Onieva) are polar opposites, but strangely on the same page at the same time. Carolina embraces the world of the privilege and is eager to make decisions solely based on her environment, while Eva is flagrantly more sympathetic and understanding to fight injustices and help people. High Seas season 1 isn’t just about a string of murders, and the eagerness to solve them, the characters are already on a ship that is flowing through the ocean, and they are stuck with their circumstances.

I somewhat enjoyed the Spanish Netflix series; the characters are wildly entertaining and purposefully out of place. Season 1 adds plenty of narrative strings, including relationship issues and secrets within families that allow the Netflix series to breath until the very end.

High Seas season 1 represents a growing catalogue of International series on Netflix, and this is an excellent addition.

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