‘Bitter Daisies’ Season 1 | Netflix Series Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 30, 2019 (Last updated: February 23, 2024)
Netflix Series Bitter Daisies Season 1 Review


With a slow pace, Spanish Netflix series Bitter Daisies will entice you with the mystery but engage your mind with a well-played leading character.

I often enjoy stories that revolve a protagonist entering a community that has chosen to become so comfortable that even the laws have changed within the police department. Netflix series Bitter Daisies Season 1 reminds me a little of Three Billboards, especially at the start, as the lead character Rosa Vargas (María Mera) enters the town to look into a missing person’s case.

The Spanish story works on a slower pace, with each episode relying on the 70-minute mark, and while frustrating and burdensome for a streaming binge-watcher, Bitter Daisies Season 1 manages to keep the viewer engaged despite the exhaustive running time. Then again, it’s only six episodes, so it’s worth the investment.

The character Rosa represents a stubborn, unshakeable Lieutenant of the police force who seems unphased by the challenges pressuring her from this routine town. Her determination to weave into people’s lives and learn rumors and stories is what makes her character enticing. In the earlier episodes, in particular, she palms off the detective that has been assigned alongside her and persists in chasing the lead. This detective, Maura, is so consumed by the familiar setting of this environment that she cannot remove herself from the bubble.

The mystery itself in Bitter Daisies is one that will keep you on tenterhooks despite knowing who the criminal is for the most part. Episode 1 reveals that they are approaching a serial killer case, and each chapter shows the man’s tendencies, and how he views women. We’ve seen it all before in various materials, and if you have watched Mindhunter recently, you will understand how a serial killer ticks off certain aspects. The supporting characters orbit Rosa, and the strong performance from María Mera feeds off everyone.

Considering how busy Netflix is at present, I’d argue that the international scene has won for March 29th, 2019, with another strong contender breaking the ranks earlier today; if you like a modest murder investigation narrative, which uses the usual tropes sensibly, then Bitter Daisies is a winner.

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