Alles ist gut Review: Netflix Film Provides Sobering View On Sexual Assault

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 6, 2019
Netflix Film Alles ist gut / All Is Good


Eva Trobisch’s Netflix film Alles ist gut serves several important layers surrounding a rape victim, displaying a window of realism that could be applied to the real world.

Netflix film Alles ist gut / All Is Good reminded of a recent time when I listened to the radio to hear a horrifying trend that rape cases are increasing in UK Universities with minimal support for victims from the central student support groups. The news report detailed the statistic, but what stood out like a sore thumb was one of the student’s statements. She highlighted the culture at Universities but made a poignant point that the person committing the rape is the last person you would expect. In her thoroughly quick interview, she removed the villain attachment, and offered the sobering truth about sexual assault; it could be anyone. Alles ist gut offers that realism in a 90-minute depressive vacuum that serves to educate. Its purpose is to open up the conversation.

The victim in Alles ist gut is Janne, bearing a laid-back lifestyle with her unspoken partner Piet, who is embarking on a failed business. One night, at a school reunion, she kindly offers one of her friends a place to sleep, fuelled by alcohol and a sense of an endless magical night, making the scene where the rape happens feel removed from the film. It’s a moment intractable to watch, instilling anxiety as the scene builds to its closure. What made it worse is that the rapist is seemingly innocent, kind and provided no sense of violent intention at the party whatsoever.

Alles ist gut presents a victim that remains silent after she has been raped, making it hard for the audience to adjust to her natural approach to her day-to-day life in acquiring a new job, and also being in the company of the person who raped her. The Netflix film offers no clear-sighted answers to her silence or her approach but instead leaves it for interpretation.

The performance by Aenne Schwarz is incredibly well drawn-out. Her naturalistic placement in scenes, with the ability to convey her suppressed feelings to the audience while hiding it away from her acquaintances in the story is admirable. If you could imagine a victim of this kind, from the outside looking in, staying silent without offering reasons, then Janne is the embodiment of that character.

Janne represents the victims who have been silent for many years, torn by their careers, social status and relationships, strangled by the mere thought that if they speak up, they will be ridiculed rather than offered justice. Janne is a tragic case of someone needing to endure with her usual script, rather than adversely seek the support from their loved ones. Netflix film Alles ist gut shows that her silence has consequences, but that does not represent a principal in this situation; instead, it opens up the conversation. The Netflix film demonstrates that this needs to be spoken about more.

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