The Chosen One Recap: Would You Like An Apple?

June 28, 2019
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The Chosen One season 1, episode 4, “Love Thy Enemies” deepens biblical statements, as the doctors delve deeper into the leader’s will.



The Chosen One season 1, episode 4, “Love Thy Enemies” deepens biblical statements, as the doctors delve deeper into the leader’s will.

This recap for Netflix’s The Chosen One Season 1, Episode 4, “Love Thy Enemies”, contains significant spoilers. We have provided extensive coverage on the thriller, and you can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The Chosen One season 1, episode 4, “Love Thy Enemies” genuinely made me think about the Adam & Eve story from a more skewed angle. As an atheist, I’ve always read that story like it is flawed; of course, you wouldn’t give in, you are in paradise. Well, my view changed here, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Episode 4 opens up with Damião Almeida (Pedro Caetano) questioning if God exists; as an agnostic, I feel for him a little in this chapter. The Chosen One (Ricardo Félix Rojas) also has a change of heart and allows Enzo Vergani (Gutto Szuster) to leave the alligator lake. The Chosen One is attempting to test the two male doctors in “Love Thy Enemies” and tries to snog them, which was ridiculously creepy. But moving on…

[su_pullquote align=”right”]It’s barely an apple, he’s getting a full-blown Chinese takeaway in comparison to Zulmira.[/su_pullquote]

Lúcia Santeiro (Paloma Bernardi) is a guest of The Chosen One for the ceremony. The character seems to be in good spirits in episode 4, “Love Thy Enemies”, catching me off-guard slightly, making me wonder if The Chosen One is about to land a significant plot twist for good measure. At the ceremony, Mateus (Mariano Mattos Martins) and The Chosen One blatantly have a vested interest in Lúcia, almost competing for a conversation with her. The ceremony is all about the “Happy Journey to Death”, where villagers are allowed to choose to die as no-one can die from sicknesses.

But, in a pivotal scene, we learn why Mateus married Zulmira in a useful flashback. The Chosen One said God requested that they tie the knot, which rids the confusion of the age gap. Lúcia questions it of course, drunk from wine, and flirting with Mateus for most of episode 4. Meanwhile, Damião and Enzo have been thrown into a pool of blue water where the blue relic is. Enzo is concerned that Damião is starting to talk like the cult.

And this is where my thought process changed for “Love Thy Enemies” – after a night of drinking and flirting, Lúcia returns to Mateus’ quarters, and they begin kissing. Zulmira sees that they ran off together and instantly alerts The Chosen One. Initially, Mateus refuses to take it further, but then Lúcia strips off her clothes, and the narration begins with biblical statements; Lúcia offers the apple in this scene, and Mateus gives in to the “serpent” and sleeps with her.

But thinking about the biblical story, I don’t blame Mateus at all, and neither do I blame Adam. Mateus has been forced to be married to an older, barely attractive woman so he can live a life under The Chosen One where no-one gets sick. But “Love Thy Enemies” is flawed, because when Lúcia strips naked and gives him the “come to bed” eyes, it’s barely an apple, he’s getting a full-blown Chinese takeaway in comparison to Zulmira. Of course, he gave in; he was probably sexually aroused for the first time in his life. The narration in episode 4 claims that the village is damned and The Chosen One will have to shed tears.

As Mateus walks outside in the morning, probably wondering if it’s worth having a lifetime of zero illnesses when he can instead have sex with beautiful women, the entire village is waiting for him, and he is imprisoned. Lúcia wakes up to a naked Chosen One, and he demands she answers where his tears should go, but she cannot answer. He throws her in the same pool as Damião and Enzo, and the other doctors ask her not to be intimidated by The Chosen One and follow his every logic. Enzo pretends to be ill to get out of the pool.

Episode 4, “Love Thy Enemies” ends with The Chosen One giving Lúcia a second chance to answer his questions. She tells him what he thinks he wants to know; that his tears should go to the entire world. She explains to The Chosen One that he should reveal himself to the world. The Chosen One appears to like the idea. Lorenzo knocks her unconscious. As the chapter closes out, Lúcia seems to be hooked up to some blood transfusion unit, with The Chosen One on the other bed. I have no idea how this series is going to end thus far, but I am intrigued

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