The Chosen One Recap: Committing Sins Will They Escape?



The Chosen One season 1, episode 5, “Holy Refuge” labours the story, and instead props it up for a potential series-ending finale.

This recap for Netflix’s The Chosen One Season 1, Episode 5, “Holy Refuge”, contains significant spoilers. We have provided extensive coverage on the thriller, and you can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The Chosen One season 1, episode 5, “Holy Refuge” is an opportune moment to give us Angelina’s story – The Chosen One’s former “Life”, who is lurking around the corner, spying on Lúcia Santeiro (Paloma Bernardi). We learn that she came across this village by accident and was selected to be the “Life” of The Chosen One (Ricardo Félix Rojas). When Angelina witnesses what they are doing to Lúcia, she becomes hysterical. Sadly, she seems to think that The Chosen One loves her.

Episode 5, “Holy Refuge” sees Damião Almeida (Pedro Caetano) and Enzo Vergani (Gutto Szuster) clashing over what to do next. Enzo is keen to escape, showing that he remains tired of staying at this village. The doctors hide the villager that was attacked when they fled the well, and Enzo, who is convinced the water is a scientific discovery, tries testing it out on his unconscious victim, hoping that it will heal him, but instead, accidentally wounds the man severely to his death by hitting his head on a rock. Unfortunately, this spurs a turn of events because Damião tries to make peace with Santiago (Lourinelson Vladmir) and his group, but when they see their friend dead, Santiago arrests them both.

Meanwhile, Mateus (Mariano Mattos Martins) tries to get through to The Chosen One, but he is eager to talk about his blood and tears, and keeps referring to Lúcia as his messenger. Episode 5, “Holy Refuge” does indicate a specific direction to the story, or whether an escape is genuinely on the cards, but Angelina does free Lúcia, and becomes concerned when she is referred to as The Chosen One’s “Life”.

As Episode 5, “Holy Refuge” ends, Damião and Enzo are lectured by The Chosen One for committing the worst sin, murder, and submits them for a “Trial of Sorrow”. The Chosen One then becomes enraged when he learns that Angelina has freed Lúcia. The end scene shows Angelina attempting to murder Lúcia, preventing her from becoming the new “Life”. The penultimate episode of season 1 was barely exciting, but it prepares for an exciting finale.

Our coverage of The Chosen One season 1 does not end here. You can read the recap of episode 6 by clicking these words.

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