Family Reunion Season 1, Part 1 Review: Good Old Family Togetherness Gotta Love Family



Netflix series Family Reunion Season 1, Part 1 is a well-exhausted premise in a familiar environment, but it’s still watchable and at times funny.

Netflix series Family Reunion Season 1, Part 1 was released on Netflix on July 10, 2019.

When the opening episode of Family Reunion reveals that all the scenes were performed in front of a live audience, I sighed. There are so many series now that are produced in this once popular environment. It’s either that or a laughing track which always gets up my back, until recently when I enjoyed Netflix series Mr. Iglesias.

To add insult to injury, we have a plethora of series that scope in on a large family dealing with everyday issues, naive children and stubborn parents. “The dysfunctional family that loves one another” spiel has been well exhausted on daytime TV and Disney channels, yet Netflix seems to believe that we need more of this on their streaming platform.

I’m not against “Family Watch Together TV” and to be fair, Family Reunion season 1, part 1 is generically fun. It keeps the drama on the surface and never takes itself too seriously. The premise follows the McKellan family who moves from Seattle to Georgia so they can be closer to their extended family. There’s a theme of traditionality; running a family with religious and less attractive values versus a modern way of family in the city. It’s the stricter Grandparents judging the younger, malleable parents.

So there is an element of transition in the Netflix series. Moving to Georgia presents some challenges for the family. Initially, the parents embrace the concept, but the oldest child in the group is resisting the move. Family Reunion sets its stall out early, with the selling point being “Family Togetherness”.

But that’s all it is really, and with that, there’s not much to say about the series. You will either vibe to it or just watch a few chapters and put it to bed. Netflix series Family Reunion season 1, part 1 is seen before, and I believe that is not a good thing.

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