Extreme Engagement Season 1 Review: What A Fascinating Concept The Acid Test.



Netflix series Extreme Engagement season 1 leans on its biggest strength – the engaged couple PJ Madam and Tim Noonan. This Australian series will have you 100% stimulated.

I thought I was going to hate the Netflix series Extreme Engagement season 1. I was traumatized by Selling Sunset and Yummy Mummies, and I couldn’t imagine anything worse to watch on the eve of a sunny weekend.

Surprisingly, Extreme Engagement presents a project that is absolutely fascinating in many ways. In a world with increasing divorce rates, a couple took it upon themselves to spend a year testing their engagement, testing varying cultures that have different practises when it comes to relationships, marriage and family.

PJ Madam and Tim Noonan are an adorable couple that are flagrantly in love. It’s the kind of soul mate partnership that makes you believe that a healthy union is possible. We are talking about a couple who have agreed to document their relationship. The duo does not sell this like an extended holiday, in fact, they conceal it as an acid test; if they can go through one year learning various cultures, they will have clarity on their impending marriage. Interestingly, one of the reasons they did this was because once they became engaged, they had a year apart, and as PJ put it, “a year without sex”.

Each episode of Extreme Engagement presents a different environment for the engaged couple; for instance, in the opening episode, PJ and Tim visit a Cameroon tribe that claim to have the world’s happiest marriages. It mainly involved women doing all the housework while the men watched and laughed. I’m not sure that claim stands.

Of course, there is some showmanship from PJ and Tim. They are directing and shooting their own reality series, so you do sense at times that they are egging each other on for the show, or making out some arguments are more dramatic than they actually are. But then again, that adds to admiring the chemistry between the couple.

I believe engaged couples should watch this and form their own acid tests. That increasing divorce rate is happening for a reason. Netflix series Extreme Engagement season 1 is a hit. I guarantee you will want to binge it.

Daniel Hart

Daniel Hart is the Co-Founder of Ready Steady Cut and has operated as Editor-in-Chief since 2017.

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