Unrequited Love (2019) Season 1 Review: A Sweet Tale Of One-Sided Love In Real Life, There Would Be A Restraining Order



It will either warm your heart or make you grimace in soppiness, Unrequited Love season 1 is a sweet-natured, mostly one-sided love story.

Chinese Netflix series Unrequited Love season 1 was released on Netflix on July 16, 2019.

The strangest thing about Netflix series Unrequited Love is that the story in real life would not sustain our current climate. A premise surrounding a teenage woman obsessively writing diaries about a man, and also ensuring she is always on his path on daily skirmishes to school, is extraordinarily creepy. If the character’s obsession crept into her adult life, the one she loves would likely place a restraining order.

But here we are, the story of Luo Zhi, who secretly loves Sheng Huai Nan and spends her days in his shadow, making updates in her diaries for every fleeting moment she has the chance to consume. Unrequited Love tells the story of two young souls who have stayed well apart in social environments, but their opportunity to have some form of relationship begins when they both happen to be in the same University. I want to add that the probability of Luo Zhi attending the same University is likely low. We all know it was not a coincidence.

Their lack of closeness at High School is quickly irrelevant, as circumstances bring them together after a strange day of Luo Zhi breathing in an animal costume, and creepily remaining close to Sheng Huai Nan. The Netflix series starts a friendship in the most bizarre of ways to catapult a 24 episode season 1. Unrequited Love is a bag of soppiness and sweetness, but its heart is in the right place.

Unrequited Love offers plenty of personal matters and the usual University dramas that come with studying. Outside forces in their social circles are the theme of each episode, with the ultimate aim of bringing the two lead characters close together. It’s innocent, sweet surfaces can be slightly jarring at times, mainly because the Chinese Netflix series decided to extend it over such a long season.

I would like to add that Luo Zhi’s emotions on the screen are impressive and well-impacted for the audience. Actress Zhu Yan Man Zi does a sterling job in conveying her feelings without saying many words.

If you enjoy love stories and teen dramas that are watered down by a kind-hearted script, then Unrequited Love season 1 will tick all the boxes. If you grimace at apparent signs of romance, then you may want to store this Chinese Netflix series away for another day.

Daniel Hart

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2 thoughts on “Unrequited Love (2019) Season 1 Review: A Sweet Tale Of One-Sided Love

  • July 23, 2019 at 3:17 am

    I think it should be noted that while the female lead has followed the male lead around for years, she is not the one who is truly messed up. The ex girlfriend of the male lead is. She managed to get him to be her boyfriend because she led him to believe she was the female lead. He was really interested in the female lead when they were younger, but the ex hijacked it all. Then, when he realized they were not compatible, he broke up with her…only to have her constantly try to get him back, despite his multiple rejections. I was surprised when I read your review and you made no mention of these things. Instead you called it sweet and innocent…I agree that the feelings the two leads actually share for each other are, but some of the other situations and people are far from it.

    • May 6, 2020 at 11:53 am

      This is so true. His review does not tell a true story of the series. If she was creepily in his way, she wouldn’t have hesitated at all to go out with him when he finally noticed her. And she could definitely enter the university. She was very intelligent and excelled in sciences too. Her teacher called a parent-teacher meeting to discourage her from moving to liberal arts.

      Dear Reviewer, you need to watch the series again to get your facts right.


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