Suits Recap: New Romance, New Challenges

July 18, 2019
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Suits Season 9, Episode 1, “Everything’s Changed” introduces the new relationship we’ve all been waiting for, and a major new challenge for the firm.



Suits Season 9, Episode 1, “Everything’s Changed” introduces the new relationship we’ve all been waiting for, and a major new challenge for the firm.

This recap of Suits Season 9, Episode 1, “Everything’s Changed” contains significant spoilers.

What happened at the end of the finale of last season did happen. It was not a dream. It really did happen, and because we’ve waited for it since the beginning of time, it felt very strange how suddenly accepting Donna and Harvey were of their new-found relationship. “Everything’s Changed” — those are the words uttered at the start of episode 1 of Suits season 9. Yes, Harvey, everything has changed.

But… like always, Suits is never simple. The aftermath of Robert Zane being suspended from the bar has created shockwaves, and it is hitting the firm hard. After last season, I thought this was going to be resolved, but episode 9 confirms the opposite — it’s going to be a difficult era for the firm.

And so it begins with “Everything’s Changed”. While Samantha and Harvey create an A-team to try and stop clients from dropping them, Alex does his usual bad account management and loses a client instantly. To be fair, it was Thomas, and he was probably butt-hurt by the whole Donna-Harvey thing. The old-age problem is, should they put Robert’s name down from the wall? Harvey and Samantha do not want that.

Episode 9 throws more issues at the firm; students are not wanting to join as interns, so Louis is under pressure to save the company. The offense on the clients is not working, but then, it all changes, as Louis indirectly lets Samantha know that Harvey spent the night at Donna’s working on a solution — Samantha puts two and two together and realizes it was not a night of strategy. She’s fuming and goes on the offense on Harvey. By the way, it’s hilarious how Louis could not fathom that Harvey and Donna enjoyed an entire night of sex while the firm was in trouble.

Donna is so proud of her man at this point that she tells Harvey to get in the ring with Samantha and have it out with her. “Everything’s Changed” sees the lawyers punch it out in a sparring session, with-no-helmets-on! Boxing seems to be the answer, with Samantha becoming more forgiving of Harvey abandoning her that night.

One issue being solved births another one. Alex has managed to convince Louis that Robert’s name should be removed from the wall. Episode 9 sees a stand-off with the key lawyers in the room arguing about how they should react to the pressure. Harvey takes one for the team and gives all his clients to Eric, the man who is out to damage the firm the most. Goddam, I wish I had a friend like Harvey. What a GOAT.

As episode 9 ends, Donna is apologetic to Samantha about putting the firm at risk which resulted in Robert’s downfall, but Samantha gives her the full picture of her friend’s situation. All seems well in “Everything’s Changed” with Donna and Harvey smooching it up in the crib, but then Louis is slapped by the New York Bar Association — they are taking full control of the firm. Holy ****.

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