Last Chance U Recap: War

July 19, 2019
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Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 4, “Garden City” presents round two of Jason Brown versus Jeff Sims, and it is an absolute classic.



Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 4, “Garden City” presents round two of Jason Brown versus Jeff Sims, and it is an absolute classic.

This recap of Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 4, “Garden City” contains significant spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

We all know what happened last season between ICC and Garden City, and episode 4 of season 4 is all about all-out-war. Coach Jason Brown and the opposition Coach Jeff Sims hate each other, and I mean hate. 

“Garden City” is a fairly routine episode until the halfway mark when Game Day starts. Before that, we have a team meeting, and the squad is still not sure of having Malik Henry back. The Quarter Back Squad is competitive, yet the Indy Pirates coaching team still haven’t nailed who they want to be their ultimate QB. Episode 4 smells of uncertainty and the start of possibly an unsuccessful season.

Brown is not enjoying the limelight; it’s abundantly evident in season 4. There’s a scene when the Coach is looking at all the stuff fans have sent him, and he seems relatively neutral about it. He’s either being humble, or he feels fed up. “Garden City” is a fragile part of the season.

But the crux of episode 4, “Garden City” is how both coaches bad mouth each other in the media. However, I have to say; Jeff Sims appears to give it more. He’s clearly hurt by last season’s events and how it was displayed on Netflix. He seems to have unboxed rage in his body language.

Anyway, to Game Day, and what strikes me is that Malik Henry and Jay Jones are interchangeable Quarter Backs for the game. Surprisingly, Indy Pirates make an impressing start with a few touchdowns, but Garden City make it nearly level at half time.

What started the war was half time; Jeff Sims tells his team not to play like the opposition because they are not the opposition; he goes on a passionate rant about technique and effort while Jason Brown talks about how close his team is to “getting p***y” in his usual unconventional half time speech.

Indy Pirates lose in a close game, but I think Jeff Sims ruined the victory for his team. The coach became too consumed by the Netflix coverage and started heckling Jason Brown before the game was even over. He spent all game raging at the referees. When the whistle blows, he bad mouths one of the Indy coaches which triggers Jason Brown. Both teams try to fight each other, and the mature adults do their best to split two groups of raging teenagers apart.

While I understand Jeff Sims’ motive, if he is what he says he is, which is not Jason Brown, then he should have acted like a better man and taken the victory with dignity. Instead, he instigated a brawl that could have turned ugly while talking to the Netflix audience via the cameras.

But then again, Jeff Sims’ actions did produce a classic episode. Last Chance U season 4, episode 4, “Garden City” will be marked as one of the greats.

Our coverage of Last Chance U Season 4 does not end here. You can read the recap of episode 5 by clicking these words.

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