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The team’s season is falling apart in Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 5, “The Hangover”, making for an odd but insightful chapter.

This recap of Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 5, “The Hangover” contains significant spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

I don’t even know where to start. Episode 5, “The Hangover” is a brilliant episode in Last Chance U season 4 but not in a way I expected after watching episode 1.

Coach Brown is getting heat for the commotion in their last defeat, but what is more noticeable is the defeatist attitude that can be felt in training, and the general body language by everyone in the episode. I was shocked to see such pessimism. The Garden City game has clearly ruined their mentality. “The Hangover” is a taste of reality for these group of players.

In regards to the central player we focus on in episode 5, we learn about Markiese King’s upbringing. His community loves him. They feel he will leave their town indefinitely and offer hope for all of them. He has a strong relationship with his mother, speaking of her like a best friend. King seems like a legitimately genuine young individual.

Leading up to Game Day in “The Hangover”, the players are seen partying before. There does not seem to be an air of seriousness at all in regards to Game Day the next day. Everyone looks deflated.

When episode 5 turns to Game Day, it’s absolutely embarrassing. There’s also zero consideration for player safety — Markiese King suffers a concussion but still plays on despite a physio looking at him beforehand. To add insult to injury, the plays are so terrible that Coach Brown keeps switching the Quarter Back — in fact, he plays all four Quarter Backs in the game. “The Hangover” confirms that the root of the problem is a defense with zero confidence and not finding a solution to the Quarter Back position. Coach Brown is quick to rotate, and in the process ends up annoying Jay, and bringing back Malik’s old ways.

The Pirates were nilled, leading to a depressing end to “The Hangover” with Coach Brown having zero answers and the team arguing amongst themselves.

Last Chance U season 4, episode 5, “The Hangover” was a bad reflection of this team, but it’s shocking how terrible this has all played out. I feel like the team peaked last season.

Our coverage of Last Chance U Season 4 does not end here. You can read the recap of episode 6 by clicking these words.

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