Last Chance U Recap: The Backlash

July 19, 2019
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Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 7, “Famous Forever” articulates the scenario of what happens when a team with high expectations fails.



Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 7, “Famous Forever” articulates the scenario of what happens when a team with high expectations fails.

This recap of Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 7, “Famous Forever” contains significant spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

When you are an avid follower of a sports team, it’s good to be humble and supportive no matter what. Part of success is losing; it’s part of the process. At the same time, I get it. Episode 7, “Famous Forever” displays that test for the community; turn your back against the football team or support them regardless of their losing streak? I hate to say it, but this chapter presents the former for most of the community. Last Chance U season 3 showed optimism; season 4 plays out the old age saying of, “you only sing when you’re winning”.

Episode 7, “Famous Forever” shows that angst of a bad season. All of a sudden investors and members of the town are questioning the money spent and the budget, and whether it’s worth value to their area. As for the players, the desperation to secure scholarships is getting extreme. It’s a vicious cycle born out of a few unlucky games, turning belief into doubt, doubt into pure opportunism. There is no team anymore, despite the coaching staff’s efforts to turn it around, and Jason Brown shaking things up.

But back to the scholarships conundrum; if we look at the cycle of Last Chance U season 3 and 4 — ICC hires Jason Brown as Coach – he uses his methods to make Independence a place to play College Football — secures more investment to improve facilities — offers out of state and local kids a better chance to secure scholarships — they endure an unlikely terrible season — investors are unhappy with the form — budget cuts are processed — the players need to play to increase chances of scholarships. If you look at that process, it forces young players to play for themselves rather than the team when losing, making the entire system flawed. “Famous Forever” does not put College Football in a good light.

Episode 7, “Famous Forever” reveals an astonishing fact; apparently, the team’s playbook was put online for sale for the other teams to purchase by an ex-coach. The same coach was interviewed, and he cleverly denied the facts with a wry grin. It would explain why some games looked entirely against them. I don’t think it attributed to their entire season, but I can only imagine it hurt them in crucial moments in close games. Jason Brown and the coach interviewed confirmed it would have been detrimental.

Anyway, after all the doom and gloom and coach’s families considering their back-up jobs in case they are cut, it’s game day. But it’s also the annual festival for the entire community to celebrate their college football team. Against Iowa, it’s a close game, but my heart was in my mouth when Kailon Davis ends up getting hurt in a tackle; there are a good two minutes when the team doctor is asking him to speak, and there is no response. I thought he was dead. With the crowd and players praying on the sidelines, he finally gets stretchered off, and Kailon puts two thumbs in the air.

It offers some motivation, but ICC still lose by a heartbreaking one point. Last Chance U season 4, episode 7, “Famous Forever” ends with more interviews, with some people turning on Coach Brown.

Our coverage of Last Chance U Season 4 does not end here. You can read the recap of episode 8 by clicking these words.

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