Typewriter Recap: And For The Real Ending, See Season 2

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 19, 2019
Typewriter Season 1, Episode 5 recap: "The Night of the Blood Moon"


“The Night of the Blood Moon” had its highlights, but provided a rather unsatisfying conclusion, primarily concerned with setting up a second season than providing a true ending.

This recap of Typewriter Season 1, Episode 5, “The Night of the Blood Moon”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Some things, when written down or spoken aloud, sound absolutely ridiculous, and that’s the problem with the opening scenes of Typewriter Episode 5, the first season finale. In them, Jenny, still shaken from her experiences with her doppelganger the night before, goes to see Sam and explains to her how the theory of her killing James isn’t actually that farfetched at all. It certainly makes sense to Sam, who excitedly tells her that there’s a ghost living in her typewriter that can take her shape.

All of this works as the barebones plot of a horror show, but blimey it sounds preposterous in this context — and that isn’t even taking into account the fact that the typewriter has vanished during the night. Sam takes Jenny to see Doctor Spirit in “The Night of the Blood Moon”, for help locating the typewriter, but he’s as useless as ever. What’s important in this scene, though, is the burgeoning relationship between Sam and Jenny; impersonating her mother, you see a brief flash in Sam’s eyes of her need for a female role model, the pain over the absence of her own mother. When they hold hands after exiting Doctor Spirit’s tent, it’s so genuine that you hope for a while they don’t notice they’re doing it.

What also happens when they leave the tent is Typewriter Season 1, Episode 5 reveals that Doctor Spirit has the typewriter. Doctor Spirit takes the typewriter to Amit Roy, but doesn’t like the idea of sharing the rewards for it; in an attempt to take all the credit, he attacks Amit Roy with a sword hidden in his cane, which goes… badly, to say the least. I can’t say I’m particularly upset, though — he was a ridiculous character whose overblown cheese didn’t gel particularly well with the rest of the show.

After accidentally revealing where she learned the information about the Fakeer and the typewriter, Sam takes Jenny to see Moses. At first, he wants no part in any of, but by tugging on his heartstrings Sam convinces him to go to the police — along with the carved figurine he has been hiding since the night of the Fakeer’s execution. Moses provides the police with an absurdly accurate description of Amit Roy, and Sam is able to identify him.

“The Night of the Blood Moon” provides the first out-and-out action sequence of Typewriter, when Ravi confronts Amit at home. After some false pleasantries, Ravi lets on that he knows the real Amit Roy has been missing since he left his home for his new appointment as a school maths teacher; recognizing that he’s rumbled, Amit socks Ravi and tries to flee with the Remington in a VW camper van. Ravi is somehow able to keep pace (on foot!) and retrieve the typewriter, though Amit is able to escape.

The Ghost Club, annoyingly, decide the steal the typewriter back from the police station so that they can get to see one ghost before their little unit disbands. Sam forges a letter for this purpose. Jenny, meanwhile, goes to see Moses again in Typewriter Episode 5, but they’re interrupted by Amit, who is looking for the figurine. When he’s unable to find it he threatens Moses with Doctor Spirit’s cane sword, so Jenny says she has the figurine back at the Bardez Villa. Amit skewers Moses all the same.

As luck would have it, the villa is exactly where the Ghost Club is returning the typewriter. They’re greeted by Dark Jenny, but Sam sees straight through it; just as she’s about to have her heart squeezed, the real Jenny interrupts, along with Amit. Now that he has everything he needs, he’s able to begin the summoning ritual, while Dark Jenny explains another last-minute twist. Madhav didn’t write The Ghost of Sultanpore — he was already dead when the book was written. As a young girl, when Jenny cut herself on the typewriter, she invoked the Fakeer’s spirit and her dark doppelganger. Through her, he wrote the story himself, in the hope that one day it would lead a “true believer” to free him. It was Dark Jenny who killed Carol when she tried to take the girl from Bardez Villa.

The Ghost Club really come into their own in “The Night of the Blood Moon”, working together to snatch the typewriter while Jenny keeps herself at bay. Ravi, having found Moses’s body at the boathouse, arrives just in time to get into a fistfight with Amit. With some clever editing, the various threads play out together, eventually meeting up again as Ravi helps the Ghost Club destroy the typewriter with fire. They’re able to manage it by setting the VW alight and sending it off a cliff; a desperate Amit follows it, and Dark Jenny dematerializes.

In a ridiculous follow-up scene, Jenny burns the wooden figurine, and the Fakeer’s skeleton runs out of the fire; she stamps it out. Thank goodness Typewriter didn’t rely heavily on CGI because it’s quite abysmal.

There are some final developments in Typewriter Season 1, Episode 5 to close the show. Moses survived; in a touching scene, the Ghost Club deliver him a letter telling him they love him. Peter returns home none the wiser, but his duffel bag is full of bloodstained clothes. And Amit somehow managed to survive the fall off a cliff and an explosion for long enough to offer his own soul to the Remington. The show ends as the machine repairs itself. Season 2 anyone?

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