Orange Is the New Black Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Here. We. Go.

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 26, 2019 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 1 - Beginning of the End


Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 1, “Beginning of the End” kicks off the final chapters with a thought-provoking start.

This recap of Netflix series Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 1, “Beginning of the End” contains spoilers.

Well, here we are folks, season 7 — the final ever season of the Orange Is the New Black and “Beginning of the End” picks off from where we left. 

Piper is going through the same process as the other inmates that have left prison. She’s struggling. Everyone has a life of their own; her friends are running a vegan, environmentally-caring home (with a baby) while Piper is trying to adjust to her freedom.

“Beginning of the End” continues the theme of what happens when you leave prison in the USA. How you are ousted by society due to policies and regulation. For instance, Piper cannot take night shifts in her new job because her curfew ends at 11 pm.

With Piper getting to grips with the outside world and figuring out a way of getting three buses to Litchfield to see her wife, Alex is trying her hardest to stay out of trouble so she can be released as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the tensions born from opposing blocks are still high, but she’s keeping herself as cool as possible.

Episode 1, “Beginning of the End” still coping with her drug addiction and latching on to Daddy. Her feelings are being tampered with as Daddy is eyeing up other women in prison, supposedly so she can create new business deals in the drug trade. 

As for Aleida, she is still on the outside, having awkward sex in the most inconvenient of places and finding ways of funnelling drugs into the prison — her set up is right now, with a good home, a place for her kids, but she still wants to get rid of all the inventory, despite Hopper’s hesitancy. 

Episode 1 does not end particularly well for Alex, who is forced drugs down by security guard Greg so that the sniffer dogs do not find it. But eventually, her visit with Piper arrives, and they both look at each other with exhaustion and slight happiness.

Daya also does not close this chapter in a good light — to punish Daddy she forces her to takes drugs as a punishment for cheating. She didn’t realise that this would cause her to OD. 

There’s a long way to go and Orange Is the New Black season 7, episode 1, “Beginning of the End” realises that.

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