Orange Is the New Black Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: There’s A Lot Of Apologising To Do

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 26, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Netflix series Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 6 - Trapped in an Elevator


Netflix series Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 6, “Trapped in an Elevator” is lackluster, but it serves its purpose as another character leaves the prison.

This recap of Netflix series Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 6, “Trapped in an Elevator” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words. 

Episode 6, “Trapped in an Elevator” felt like a penultimate chapter to a series, except that it’s not, making the entire experience quite dull. I appreciate that Orange Is the New Black needs to tie up some loose ends, so it cannot be helped, but I felt underwhelmed.

We experience some Maria flashbacks in episode 6 after she is experiencing difficulties comprehending her partner loving it up with someone new in the outside world. Her flashbacks reveal that she did not appreciate what she had, cheating on her partner behind his back.

Joe Caputo delivers a session to some inmates on a “Trapped in an Elevator” scenario; he asks if you were trapped with someone who you know you should apologize to, what would you say. This was a clever way to instill some emotion into the story, but initially, the inmates do not provide the necessary reaction. Maria believes she has no-one to apologize to, and Cindy refuses to speak.

Talking of Cindy, she has been given early release, meaning her guilt is heavy regarding her now-enemy. Tasha, on the other hand, is angry, and Daya offers to help get revenge on Cindy. “Trapped in an Elevator” is an episode of potential situations that do not transpire.

Going back to the elevator meeting and Cindy finally opens up; she does a speech apologizing to her mother, and it was an impactful moment. Afterward, Cindy rings her mother, asking if she can move back home and promises to be on her best behavior.

If anything, Orange Is the New Black season 7, episode 6, “Trapped in an Elevator” is a farewell chapter for Cindy from her time in jail, and her farewell to Suzanne was indicative of the close bond she has developed with her. I do wonder where Suzanne goes from here, as her friendship group gets smaller. Anyway, as Cindy leaves, Daya asks Tasha why she did not seek revenge; Tasha believes her time of punishment will come. A part of me believes Tasha is on a reckless downwards spiral with her thought process.

Warden’s Notes

  • Alex has suggested to Piper that she gets laid in the outside world so she doesn’t resent her. However, inside the prison, Alex seems stimulated by Artesian McCullough as they ramp up their mobile phone chargers business.
  • Joe Caputo is worried about his sperm so he opts to do surgery to increase his chances of a baby with Natalie.
  • After Natalie gives Warden Tamika advice about her upcoming interview arranged by Linda, she fails at the pivot and deflect strategy, instead, indicating that budgets will be spent on improving the prisoners’ wellbeings. This may backfire.
  • Before Joe Caputo heads into surgery, he finds out he has been embroiled in a #MeToo scandal with a former security guard. This may get ugly for the ex-warden.

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