Orange Is the New Black Recap: A Series Finale For The Fans

July 27, 2019
Daniel Hart 1
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Netflix series Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 13, “Here’s Where We Get Off” is a sensible, fitting ending for the fans in the final ever episode.



Netflix series Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 13, “Here’s Where We Get Off” is a sensible, fitting ending for the fans in the final ever episode.

This recap of Netflix series Orange Is the New Black Season 7, Episode 13 – the finale, “Here’s Where We Get Off” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The final ever episode for Orange Is the New Black ends either with hope or a character finding peace in their life. I was not expecting anything unprecedented in their last ever episode. Episode 13, “Here’s Where We Get Off” was always going to be a service for the fans — a feature-length chapter to tie as many laces as possible for these loved characters.

Orange Is the New Black has been a success. The first season catapulted Netflix into a whole new dynamic of content, and what it meant to produce original series’. I questioned back in Season 2 whether the story had longevity, even with Jenji Kohan‘s mastery with story concepts and character building, surely it would die out after three seasons.

But here we are, after seven long seasons we say goodbye; and while it was less emotional than I expected, I think the fans will appreciate the little things; Episode 13 opens up with a different rendition of the famous intro song, that I’ve skipped so many times, but this time I listened, as I may never hear it again.

“Here’s Where We Get Off” was all about moving on for the characters; it presented us the confirmation of Tiffany’s death and the drug sweep that followed. For one last time, we see the change of Warden, as Tamika’s time ends after the latest overdose was one final blow to the company.

We also get to see Piper and Alex challenged for one final moment; but did any fan ever believe that these two would give up on each other? The ending is refreshing — Piper deciding to leave her old life behind entirely, to live in Ohio, to study and work hard, while she waits for the one person she can never get out of her head. Alex and Piper live on. This was never meant to be a tear-jerker — it was a sensible end to Piper’s journey. Be yourself, not someone else’s story. “Why do you always feel so inevitable to me?” was not throw away line — it was the blueprint for the inevitable ending, and it’s much stronger than Ross and Rachel.

Here's Where We Get Off

But there are a few moments that force you to well up; Suzanne’s memorial for Tiffany was brilliant — getting the character to stand in the middle of the prison with her eyes closed and sing for her deceased friend was the kind of fan service I was talking about. “Here’s Where We Get Off” is not entirely following the rulebooks of how the prison has worked so far, but how could they not provide a send-off?

But the damning moment comes when Tasha is about to kill herself, but then she sees the certificates of her students she has tutored — the gut-wrenching moment comes when we see Tiffany’s certificate — she passed. Tasha has found a new life within the prison; to teach people, to give love rather than expecting love back — that’s her happiness now.

As for Cindy; her homeless journey is devastating, but in the end, at least she stood up and decided to take responsibility for her daughter. Her fractured relationships from within prison do not mean much anymore, but her life outside, and what she can influence has become the cornerstone of her existence.

The Blanca ending was rushed, and it could have easily have dragged on for a few more seasons, but it was sweet; to see her win the court system in America and escape the ICE Detention Centre and deportation was fictional victory, but I could not help but think that it’s not indicative of our reality.

Overall, the characters all tied their laces to bring an ending and closed it off for good — and while they may try and tease a spin-off in the future, I do not think the followers of this show can accuse Orange Is the New Black for not giving endings. It ensured there was realism for some characters, and a light at the end of the tunnel for others and that’s all they could do.

There’s plenty of discussion points for episode 13, “Here’s Where We Get Off” and season 7 in general – comment your thoughts and best moments below.