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The Letdown Season 2, Episode 6, “Shameless” is a convincing ending to the story so far, raising the issue of shame and stigma attached to mothers.

This recap of Netflix series The Letdown Season 2, Episode 6, “Shameless”, the finale contains significant spoilers. You can the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Well here we are, another season of The Letdown wrapped up. The finale, “Shameless” had all the bearings of a character trying to find her purpose in life again outside of the family. After playing a game in the park with friends, Audrey (Alison Bell) realises what she wants to do next. She wants to finish her masters from 6 years ago — but she’s struggling to think of an original thesis. While she’s trying to figure that out, Jeremy has returned for good from Adelaide — his experience with the mugging forced his final decision.

Episode 6 also shows Audrey having her 1-year check-up, where she confides in her mentor about her abortion, and how she hasn’t told anyone yet. The mentor is understanding but makes it known she must share her experiences for support.

We got a slight signal that Audrey loves raising a family when a friend tells her that she does not plan on having children with her partner; Jeremy and Audrey sound more offended than supportive, justifying how amazing it is raising a human into the world — and as we know, this becomes relevant later.

After everyone was unavailable, Barb organises a girls’ night out in the club so everyone can let their hair down. Episode 6 sees Audrey finally letting her friends know about the abortion and the emotional warfare it has caused in her mind. I think this was a relief for the character, who has been needing to step out of her shell and speak to her friends since the start.

At the club, in horrifying fashion, Sophie goes into labour, and the women have to group round her in the dark to deliver her baby. The delivery is successful, but it gives Audrey some inspiration.

She tells her university tutor that her thesis is going to be around motherhood, shame and stigma, which is approved.

The Letdown Season 2 Finale, Episode 6, “Shameless” ends by fast-forwarding 18 months — her thesis is coming together, and she’s pregnant. We all like happy endings. This was a heartwarming ending.

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