Dear White People Recap: Becoming Uncle Tom

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 2, 2019 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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Netflix series Dear White People Season 3, Episode 4


Dear White People Season 3, Episode 4 pinpoints misrepresentation in two different forms; money and race, to stamp the first important chapter of this season.

This recap of Dear White People Season 3, Episode 4 contains spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The last thing you want to be is accused of being an Uncle Tom, especially in a University where racial tensions are ready to burst at any moment, but that’s exactly what happens to Troy in Episode 4 of Dear White People Season 3. He finally lands his first cover story in Pastiche, run predominantly by white people — the content that he submitted was altered in such a way that his close friends questioned why he offered to write for them. Abigail confirms his status in the first five minutes — if she is Hilary Clinton’s laugh, he must be someone else in the group.

When Troy confronts Kurt about the publication, he is accused of seeking preferential treatment because he’s black. From Troy’s and the audiences’ perspective, he just wanted proper representation.

As for Gabe in Episode 4, he also feels misrepresented, but he’s causing his own undoing, becoming an Uncle Tom in the Labor Movement. Due to having money issues, he takes on three jobs. The movement questions his background due to him harping on about his recent financial pitfalls. His participation in the movement gives Samantha the truth about the situation — she tells him that she had always assumed he did not have much money because of his wardrobe and his socially conscious attitude — money will never be the factor for her love.

Dear White People Season 3, Episode 4 was all about feeling misrepresented by two different situations; money and race. The Netflix series is at its most powerful when it tackles these themes primarily. This was a very enjoyable chapter.

Winchester’s Observations

  • Troy’s Dad is changing his dress style to be more relatable to the students, but really it is because he has a new girlfriend.
  • Kelsey likes Brooke and wants to act on it.

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