Dear White People Recap: A Lack Of Motivation Always Chasing



Dear White People Season 3, Episode 3 is a middling-feeling episode, with the characters meandering around their issues with little progress.

This recap of Dear White People Season 3, Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 3 was a mere indication of procrastination if anything. Dear White People Season 3 puts Samantha, Lionel, and Brooke in the limelight; each character with varying issues in their lives.

The chapter begins with Brooke hilariously texting loads of boys with the last name “****boy” to get laid. Brooke is self-efficient, so her way of having sex is, of course, sought from a phone book of boys who are always available by a simple “you up?”. Her problem in Episode 3 is that she’s always chasing a story, plus always waiting for Lionel and Samantha to respond to her. Just like Episode 1, everyone is too busy.

As for Samantha, she tries to bluff her way through a pitch regarding her latest short film; it doesn’t work as she tries to douse the interview with terminology and a series of sentences that looked like she was blagging. She can’t think of a proper thesis. Gabe gives Samantha the truth; she didn’t try hard enough.

Episode 2 also sees Lionel on the prowl; since his break up, he’s acting like an overloaded hormonal adolescent again, eventually finding himself a ******* in the library. What freaks him out is that The Watcher is lurking, and the man leaves him a note on a book ironically about motivation.

Samantha and Lionel meet The Watcher, and Lionel freaks out, thinking the entire scheme is fake.

As Dear White People Season 3, Episode 3 ends, Brooke finally catches up with Samantha and Lionel for updates; her reaction is to log in and publish all the articles anyway for The Independent, much to Lionel’s annoyance as he’s the editor, and Samantha emails Cynthia Fray asking her to be her mentor.

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