Dear White People Recap: A New Approach

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 2, 2019 (Last updated: November 8, 2023)
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Netflix Series Dear White People Season 3 Episode 9


Dear White People Season 3, Episode 9 sees all the stories coming together, propping it up for the finale.

This recap of Dear White People Season 3, Episode 9 contains spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 9 sees Brooke taking on a whole new approach with the Muffy situation and decides to join her in the steam room. She explains a time she was sexually assaulted when younger, by a piano teacher that her mother trusted. The story inspires Coco, who offers to talk to Brooke on Muffy’s behalf, but Muffy is not entirely sure.

It feels obvious that both Episode 8 & 9 have purposefully not focused on the victim and the alleged offender — Dear White People Season 3 has made it into a story about how the others react in a variety of different ways.

As for Gabe, he attends a grant ceremony in Episode 9, and he becomes embarrassed when he learns that all the recipients who got their grant were of color. He was one of the grant winners, and he checked the Native American box. A guilt-stricken Gabe tries to make up for his mistake and strives to offer the grant back. Samantha makes him feel better, and they watch her short film, and it becomes awkward when one of the interviewees starts praising Moses Brown.

Dear White People Season 3, Episode 9 keeps Moses Brown and Muffy on the sideline, while everyone else worries about what the news may do to the campus. Samantha is especially worried it will revert it to the slavery days. She approaches Brooke about the situation. Meanwhile, Troy is building his new magazine and woos an investor by selling the concept of “comedy with a new perspective”. Troy recruits Lionel and Brooke, and the first story is about the sexual assault, but without names thrown into the article, which is approved by Coco.

Winchester’s Observations

  • Gabe is arranging a strike with the Labour Movement.
  • At the end of Episode 9, Lionel finds a photo of Moses standing with The Watcher.

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