Roar season 1, episode 5 recap – a certain duck will make you feel emotions

By Jordan Lyon
Published: April 15, 2022
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Roar season 1, episode 5 recap - a certain duck will make you feel emotions


The only strange part of this episode was making Larry a duck. Had that character been a male actor, it would have been a story that many are sadly very familiar with. The use of Larry will likely make this the episode of Roar that will stick with viewers. And THAT scene will have many talking long after the first season finishes airing. 

This recap of Roar season 1, episode 5, “The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck”, contains spoilers.

Roar season 1, episode 5 recap

Elisa is at the park studying and she video calls her sister. When the call ends, she speaks to a talking duck called Larry. After animal control appears, looking for a dog called Gary, Larry reappears and suggests that her sister only makes remarks about Elisa’s dating life as a way to make her own look/seem better. Before long, Elisa invites Larry to her flat where she reveals that she worked on a political campaign for a while before deciding that she could help more people by becoming a doctor. Larry concludes by telling her that she thinks more about other people’s happiness rather than her own and that she deserves more than she thinks she does. 

Then, as humans and ducks should do, Elisa and Larry have a bath together. The new romance brings a new spark to Elisa, and she redesigns her flat and cooks dinner for Larry. But shock! Larry hates the food and turns nasty by remarking that she needs to lay off the carbs. Later that night, Larry says he was a d**k and apologies, and claims to love her. After ignoring calls from her sister, Elisa returns to the flat in a mess as Larry has s**t all over the place. She calls him an ar****le, and he acts just like one. In probably the strangest scene within Roar, Larry goes down on Elisa. 

The Ending

Her sister, who is now heavily pregnant, arrives in town. She has grown worried over Elisa. Larry tries to tell Elisa that he grows anxious if she leaves for more than a few hours. And after Elisa hides in the bathroom and Larry hits her, Elisa goes to see her sister. Just as Elisa starts to believe the lies that Larry tells her, her sister gives her a wake-up call.

When Larry wakes up, pet control is there and they remove him from Elisa’s life. Although the entire situation freaks Elisa out, she rejects a date offer as she doesn’t need to meet a nice guy, as she is the nice doctor. This is quite possibly the most well-deserved ending that Roar has in its entire season. Plus, who knew that a 30-minute episode could make you hate a duck so god damn much. The scene where Larry goes down on Elisa may be a bit much for some viewers, but for others, it’s sure to be memorable at the very least.

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