Story Recap – what happened in Apple TV+’s Roar Season 1?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 15, 2022
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Story Recap – what happened in Apple TV+'s Roar Season 1?

This is a story recap of Apple TV+’s Roar season 1 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Story Recap – what happened in Apple TV’s Roar season 1?

Episode 1-2

After writing a groundbreaking memoir, Wanda looks set to make it into a Hollywood movie. However, as soon as she arrives and despite staying in a $15,000,000 mansion, she soon feels invisible to others. Not only do people completely dismiss her, but the movie industry seems set on ignoring her ideas. Instead, they want to do VR. In the end, after reliving her father’s arrest, Wanda decides to walk away from the situation.

In the second episode of Roar, Nicole Kidman plays a mother who feels that her life is slowly falling apart. Not only are her children grown up, and therefore, not needing her as much, but her mother has dementia. To help cope with her issues, Nicole eats photographs and relives each memory in the process. Ultimately, after picking her mother up, Nicole brings her mother to her home and prepares herself for the future in place for both of them.

Episode 3-4

Amelia, a promising model, meets Harry, a VERY wealthy businessman. But he isn’t content with having her work. Instead, he wants to have her placed on a shelf so he can watch her every day. Whilst the idea works at first, soon Harry grows bored of Amelia, and the relationship begins to break down. Bored of her life on a shelf, Amelia escapes before opening up her own store, where she, bizarrely, remains sitting on a shelf.

In the fourth episode, “The Woman Who Found Bite Marks on Her Skin”, Ambia gives birth in traumatic scenes that almost cost her life. Quickly returning to work and eager to please, Ambia soon finds herself stretched by everyone around her. In the process, several bite marks appear on her body. Ultimately, as the stress becomes too much, Ambia ends up in hospital. But it is there where she finds other mothers in similar situations to herself. And, therefore, Ambia is able to understand that she isn’t alone.

Episode 5-6

Feeling the pressures of being single, mainly due to her sister’s constant questioning, Elisa ends up falling for (and getting in a relationship with) a duck called Larry. At first, the relationship does wonders for Elisa. However, the duck soon proves to be a d**k. He belittles Elisa at every opportunity and tries to emotionally torture her into pushing everyone else away. Following a much-needed heart-to-heart with her sister, Elisa calls pet control on Larry and regains her independence. 

After being murdered, the ghost of Rebecca Moss attempts to help the two detectives solve the crime and locate the murderer. However, as Rebecca is unaware of why, how, or who even killed her, Rebecca struggles at first. As she originally believes that her cheating ex-boyfriend may be to blame, she soon switches her attention to her best friend Christina. However, it soon becomes clear that it is Christina’s younger pervert brother, Chad, who killed Rebecca. Once Rebecca manages to locate the evidence that proves Chad is guilty, she is able to cross over into the afterlife.

Episodes 7-8

In the seventh episode, “The Woman Who Returned Her Husband”, the main character, Anu, does just that! After she grows sick of her husband’s behavior, Anu returns her husband to the supermarket and exchanges him for a new one. However, unhappy with his replacement, Anu tries again to find a suitable husband. For a while, Anu ends up alone and her former husband, Vik, gets bought by their neighbour. (That is until the neighbour grows bored of married life and also returns Vik). In the end, however, Anu and Vik both realize that they were both to blame for the decline of the relationship. And so, Anu “steals” Vik from the supermarket, and it appears they start an exciting new life together.

In the final episode of Roar, Jane learns that her father has been shot dead. Apparently for trying to shoot someone that he owed money to. Regardless, Jane becomes desperate for revenge. And despite protests from her best friend Millie, Jane becomes eager to track down his killer and shoot him in between the eyes. Ultimately, after locating his killer and witnessing the agonizing/painful life that he lives, Jane leaves him to live a life of misery.

And that’s what happened in Roar Season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Comment below.

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