Designated Survivor: 60 Days Recap: Different Use Of Power

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 5, 2019 (Last updated: November 8, 2023)
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Netflix series Designated Survivor: 60 Days Season 1, Episode 16 - The Last Case


Designated Survivor: 60 Days Season 1, Episode 11, “The Acting President, Oh Yeong-seok” presents a horrifying scenario while President Park awaits surgery.

This recap of Designated Survivor: 60 Days Season 1, Episode 11, “The Acting President, Oh Yeong-seok” contains significant spoilers. The Korean Netflix Series will be running weekly every Monday and Tuesday until season 1 ends. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Well, this is a scenario that juices up the series: Acting President Park Mu-jin (Jin-hee Ji) is shot after the events of the last episode. The doctors explain to him that he has bullet fragments in his chest, and he’s essentially a ticking-time-bomb. He needs urgent surgery — 10 hours of surgery. And with the preparation that’s at least 12 hours during which the country does not have a president.

I was consumed by Episode 11 because I knew the repercussions. Based on the constitution, the next Acting President would be assigned, and with the Minister of Strategy and Finance conveniently hurt by the assassination attempt. Next in line is who we all feared; Minister Oh Yeon-seok.

Park is clearly concerned and before his surgery, he invites Assemblywoman Yun to hospital. He asks her to keep an eye on Yeon-seok.

With Oh Yeong-seok planning the New Age at the suit shop, while also liaising with the mysterious VIP, he takes the role of Acting President with force. His actions are aggressive and forceful, so much so, the staff does not know how to gauge his decisions. During the time of crisis, he insists the market should be reopened the next morning; he demands that the Command Centre is brought to the Blue House; he commands that the sniper is killed on view. Despite Ms Jeong attempting to stop him and Chief Presidential Secretary giving him a word of caution, he proceeds with all three.

The press briefings are complicated in Episode 11, “The Acting President, Oh Yeong-seok” due to the sensitivity of Park’s conditions. There’s a fear in the chapter that he will not survive. It does get worse, with Park suffering significant blood loss during surgery, with a high risk of brain damage.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days Season 1, Episode 11, “The Acting President, Oh Yeong-seok” ends terrifyingly. Oh Yeon-seok’s aggressive efforts have made him the favorite to be the next President. And to add salt into the wound, he addresses the press directly about his recent actions while the stock markets stabilize in such uncertainty. The last shot is President Park waking up — how on earth is he going to overcome a corrupt system that is planted against him?

Presidential Secretary Notes

  • Kang Dae-han interrogates Na-geyong and asks about Oh Yeong-seok. He lets her know secretly that he knew Jun-o. She tells him about Seo Ji-win and that he knows about Tae-ik.
  • Park’s wife is understandably angry at the lack of updates regarding his medical condition soon after the shooting.
  • Assemblywoman Yun tells Park that he has no marketability but praises his durability, claiming he’d have a spot on her team.
  • Ms. Jeong accuses Chief Presidential Secretary Cha of taking advantage of the national disasters, and that he’s benefitted the most.

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