An Oddly-Named Town In Tasmania Is The Setting For the Most Heartbreaking Netflix Film of the Year

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 15, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
Filipino Movie 'A Journey' Filming Locations Explained
A Journey | Image via Netflix

Heartfelt character study A Journey follows three childhood friends on a voyage of self-discovery through Tasmania, where the production was filmed on location.

Essentially a road movie, the film explores some deep themes and goes all out to ensure you are emotionally exhausted by the time the credits roll. But of course, what’s a good road movie without picturesque locations?

Where was A Journey filmed?

Manila, Philippines

Filipino Movie 'A Journey' Filming Locations Explained

Manila, Philippines | Image via Audley Travel

The Filipino movie was always going to use authentic locations for the production, and much of it was shot in and around Manila. There are establishing shots of the busy motorways and the homes of our leads, before the trio of friends hit the road on their trip, with the journey leading to Tasmania in Australia.

Our cast hit the road in their RV and we see them on the road stopping in various locations before they get to their spiritual destination, the oddly named town of Penguin.

Penguin, Tasmania, Australia

Instagram posts from star Patrick Garcia also shared some of the locations in Tasmania, including some from the town of Penguin, located on the North coast of Tasmania.


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Extensive shooting took place in the small, beautiful community, which has a population of around 4100 people. Penguin launched an app in 2020 that allows visitors to peruse the local attractions.

Oddly, in one scene, you can see the town appears to have its very own Tardis from Doctor Who. The iconic blue police box is next to a sign that says Beach Access, but sports a heading that says “Penguin Library”, suggesting it may be full of books and not time travelers. It is spotted again in a nighttime scene too.

We see a motel called The Beachway, which is located in Ulverstone, Tasmania, and scenes were recorded at the Penguin Uniting Church that overlooks the beach and Bass Strait. Penguin Caravan Park is also used, as is Lane’s Supermarket, and the Penguin Country Bakehouse, Penguin Food Bar, and the Penguin Visitor Information Centre are also credited.

Who produced and directed A Journey?

A Journey was directed by RC Delos Reyes, and he has had a busy couple of years. In 2023, IMDb has him down as directing four features: Swing, Unravel: A Swiss Side Love Story, Without You and I Love Lizzy. He has also written for television and has worked as a creative head on various other productions.

Reyes uses every trick in the book to ensure there is not a dry eye in the house by the end of this movie.

A Journey was produced by Mavx Production Inc.

Who is the surprise cameo in A Journey?

Filipino Movie 'A Journey' Filming Locations Explained

Ogie Alcasid | Image via Newport World Resorts

In the third act of the heartbreaking film, a singer appears to sing a song for Shane. Bryan had arranged for the singer and TV personality Ogie Alcasid to sing to Shane, and the personality was cast in the film, no doubt delighting fans.

Ogie has had a long career, releasing his first album in 1989, and making his feature film debut in 1990’s Feel Na Feel. He went on to further TV work, including becoming a game show host and a judge on a TV talent show.

His career, spanning decades, encompasses nearly every aspect of film, music, and TV, and his appearance in A Journey would probably have meant a lot more to viewers who knew of his work than it did to me. I was just confused, but in the narrative of the film, it makes sense.

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