Mindhunter Recap: Running Out Of Options

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 16, 2019 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Netflix Series Mindhunter Season 2, Episode 8


All hope seems lost in Mindhunter Season 2, Episode 8 with police funding dwindling, and no suspect in sight. The BSU is looking frailer than ever.

This recap of Mindhunter Season 2, Episode 8 contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

With the dead ends becoming more frequent, the police department is running out of money for the investigation for the disappeared and murdered children in Atlanta.

Earlier in Episode 8, Bill is spying on the Klan and hears members Charles and Don talking about “getting another one”. They bring in Charles for questioning, and he continues to reference the constitution and his freedom of speech. The lie detector tests prove he was not involved in the child murders.

Episode 8 sees a lot of red tape hindering Holden’s plans to narrow the suspect pool. He has a grand plan to advertise for additional security during the Sinatra concert, in the hope that the killer applies so they can catch him.

Holden is very stuck on attracting the killer to a particular place and area. He’s eager for his methods to work, but so far in Mindhunter Season 2, all his efforts have not worked, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s all pieced together so he gets his victory in the final episode.

And then you have the weary and heartbroken Bill trying to reconnect with his son. Nancy wants to move house — she’s not coping well with recent events and spoke harsh words to Bill, telling him she’s glad that their son is adopted and did not come from her body. It’s obvious Brian is lonely at school too, and the moment Bill takes him for ice cream was a blow to the stomach — it’s hard to not feel for the entire family.

In regards to Wendy in Episode 8, she decides to rethink her relationship and goes “all in”, but when she hears how Kay speaks to her ex-husband in relation to her son, she wonders who the real Kay is, and harshly breaks up with her. I think Wendy made a rash decision here; it’s clear Kay makes her happy, and she tossed her aside in an irrational manner.

Mindhunter Season 2 Episode 8 ends with the police making a last-ditch effort to fund the investigation and opt for stakeouts near the bridge as advised by Holden — he believes the killer will return to the scene where the last four bodies have been left. The stakeouts last for weeks with no success. Finally, they believe they have a suspect after hearing a splash in the water, and they block off the escaping car. The driver of the vehicle is a black male by the name of Wayne Bertram Williams. Was Holden correct all this time?

The Altered Tapes

  • Holden approaches Bill about his lack of availability and learns of his family issues.
  • The police are nearly out of funds, making it a near-dead investigation which could cause issues in the community.

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