Modest Heroes Review: 50-Minutes, Three Anime Shorts

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 6, 2019
Netflix Anime film Modest Heroes


Netflix Anime film Modest Heroes presents three different stories that are wonderfully crafted with a specific intent, making it well worth the audiences’ time.

Netflix Anime film Modest Heroes follows the same structure as Flavors of Youthwith three animated stories presented to the audience and directed by Hiromasa YonebayashiYoshiyuki Momose and Akihiko Yamashita. The only difference is that the latter was sold as “heartwarming” and the former are completely different themes. The Netflix anime feature is an enjoyable 50-minute reel, with thought-provoking stories that you only wish could be extended.

The first story follows two underwater siblings surviving on their own. Modest Heroes presents an underwater society, with extremely large fish and danger around every corner. The surface of the water feels barren and dangerous. I loved the colours in this, especially the ‘beast of a fish’ they have to escape from. Despite the short running time, it manages to invoke the emotion of the situation, as they begin to lose their loved ones in a terrible ordeal.

The second story is one that I imagine some parents can relate to; a young boy has a serious egg allergy. It explores the restrictions to his life, and his overbearing protective mother slapping cookies out of his hands. There’s always an epi-pen of course, but his egg allergy is so severe, it would take seconds to kill him. Modest Heroes presents a parent’s worst nightmare; having to ensure your child is safe, and cornering away from the world of food we take for granted.

The third story follows a man invisible to society. The story reeks of depression as the man plods through the rain and avoids as much confrontation as possible. It felt like a sad ending for Modest Heroes, with all the doom and gloom that you can imagine for someone no-one can see, apart from the clothes he wears. Out of all three stories, this one was my least favourite.

Overall, Netflix Anime film Modest Heroes is a successful entry in the streaming market and one that does not require much commitment.


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