Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman Review – A Little Southern Comfort

By Ricky Valero
Published: April 11, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
Leanne Morgan: I'm Every Woman Review
Leanne Morgan: I'm Every Woman (Credit - Netflix)


Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman is far from the best special you will see this year, but it’s one that I could see becoming a comfort watch when I need a laugh.

Leanne Morgan is a veteran of the stand-up comedy game, having hit the stage for over twenty years. However, Morgan is just starting to find her way with her first headlining tour in 2022, The Big Panty Tour. In 2023, she returns on tour with Just Getting Started. After recent success, she is now debuting with her first Netflix stand-up special, Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman.

Leanne tackles jokes about her life as a wife, her love of Jell-O salad, and her three kids. The special opens with a simple opening: Leanne Morgan’s son announces her to the stage. The setup is a typical theater look, with Morgan stating we are in Lexington, Kentucky.

She kicks off by blaming COVID and Vladimir Putin for getting heavier during the pandemic. Of course, she quickly says she likes to blame them but knows it’s her fault for eating too much jelly—a solid opening bit.

Morgan is about as southern as southern can get with her accent, delivery, and storytelling. She wisely chose to perform in front of an audience (Kentucky) that would get her references and jokes. I think some of these might go over the head of the younger generation or people unfamiliar with the South or its Southern slang.

For me, living in Tennessee, it caught on relatively quickly and was very relatable. Not every joke was perfect, but Morgan still had me laughing.

Morgan is the perfect storyteller who sometimes gets off the beat and the path of her stories. She’ll remind you of your dad, grandpa, or an elderly member of your family who loves to tell stories that might go on a little longer to get to the point.

Because of that, you often might find yourself lost in a joke, but Morgan does a solid job of reeling you back in with the next one. One thing I loved was her facial expressions. It’s definitely a special you will want to watch with your eyes and ears, not just your ears.

I didn’t mind most of Morgan’s jokes, as I laughed more than I didn’t. It won’t be the best stand-up comedy special you will see, but it is one that you will certainly laugh at while you watch.

If you are a fan of a wide range of stand-up comedies, I recommend checking it out. That said, if you are looking for someone over-the-top and flashy who hits you with joke after joke without the stories, maybe this one isn’t for you.

Leanne Morgan won’t be for everyone, which is fine, but if you are willing to take a risk, check out I’m Every Woman; there are many laughs.

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