Reflection Of You season 1, episode 8 recap – once a cheater, always a cheater

By Bashirat Oladele
Published: November 5, 2021 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Reflection Of You season 1, episode 8 recap - once a cheater, always a cheater


We see more of Haewon’s perspective and the disaster of a wedding.

This recap of Reflection Of You season 1, episode 8 contains spoilers.

I can’t start my recaps without praising the powerhouse that is Shin Hyunbeen — she really pulls you in with her emotions. With that, the episode starts off in the past, Heejoo finds Woojae’s journal in her bag at the dance competition. It’s safe to say that she’s shocked, surprised, and didn’t think her past would creep up on her. And of course, she burns it in the art studio. Picking up in the present, we’re back at Haewon at her grandfather’s house. She wakes up and notices that Woojae left her. She’s distraught, upset, and traumatized. “You just can’t give up on him? It’s not like I can stop you from loving him.” Her grandfather mentions and this is when he became my favorite character — he understands that Haewon has been hurt and isn’t calling her foolish or stupid like others are. She’s getting blamed by everyone when she was never in the wrong. 

Reflection Of You season 1, episode 8 recap

There’s a flashback to her grandfather carrying her on his back from the lake — it seems like it’s portraying how deep Woojae hurt her. In previous episodes, we’ve learned that she had attempted suicide and I hope she doesn’t go down that road anymore. At their house, she tells him “don’t leave without telling me. I thought you ran away again.” At first, it was annoying because he doesn’t love her but she’s hurt and was worried that she would be back in her sad place again, after the betrayal.

Funnily enough, Woojae finds his journal in Heejoo’s bag and returns it to her. Of course, Heejoo acts oblivious and pretends that it isn’t his journal but he knows it is. In another scene, they’re preparing for their wedding and Haewon hands him a card to write his vows in. “It’s just all very sudden to me. Can you give me some time please?” Then and there, I wish she woke up and saw he doesn’t care. The wedding should be a mutual commitment, she shouldn’t torment herself for the sake of revenge. By all means, get your revenge but heal too.

Visiting Hyungseong in the hospital, Haewon pleads on behalf of Juyeong as her father’s been arrested and he’s the only legal guardian. Her father assaulted Hyungseong and he pressed charges. Furthermore, for more drama, his mother comes in and still thinks her son is having an affair with Haewon! If only she knew the reality that her grandson isn’t even biologically hers — I’m waiting for the truth to come to light. Now, the mother-in-law despises Heejoo who does everything to get her attention. So, of course, she comes to their defense and slaps Haewon for talking back to the mother. It’s 2021, respect your elders and everything but the mother-in-law highlights the disregard some rich people appear to have for poorer people from the way she spoke to Haewon. 

After being slapped, she throws her bag at Heejoo and is ready to fight her only for Woojae to come. Sigh. He apologizes for her actions with a crying Haewon in his arms. This was so infuriating because he did nothing to support Haewon, he just removed her from the situation. “You should’ve defended me! Just because I acted like a crazy b*tch doesn’t mean I was wrong,” Haewon tells him. He constantly lets her down and fails her, he tells her that she should have been nice and calm but this is the problem. “I couldn’t get through to them. They couldn’t understand me when I’m being nice.” It was this moment that made me resonate with Haewon, people only understand you when you react negatively, not when you’re nice. It was also disappointing because he didn’t let her express her emotions, he just diffused the situation.

We come to learn more about Haewon’s point of view in Reflection of You episode 8 and it was so well crafted, coupled with Shin Hyunbeen’s acting and the writing, the execution was flawless. She talks about when Woojae left her all she heard was “he’s just a guy and she’s a fool for letting a guy ruin her life”. Rather than attributing the blame onto the man, they blamed her for being cheated on. She really loved him because “he may have been a guy to them but to me, he was a friend, a lover, the world and the universe.” The writing really got me here because it really brings to life the love Haewon has for Woojae. Haewon’s still out for revenge though as she says “I was the victim but they criticized me for being a fool. That’s so harsh so I hope they’ll go through what I’ve been through.” And so do I. I want Woojae and Heejoo to suffer but importantly for Haewon to heal. By no means is she perfect, they’re all flawed in their own ways, some more than others.

At the dress boutique, Heejoo and Minseo are getting fitted for some dresses, only for Haewon and her mother to make an appearance. She didn’t expect them to be at the shop but knowing Haewon, she’s not missing any chances to torment Heejoo. In the fitting area, she’s in a bridal dress and gives Heejoo an invitation to the wedding. Heejoo’s surprised because she didn’t expect to be invited. Instead, she tells her she wishes she could be like her and be shameless. “I can forgive you for slapping me in the face but not for stabbing me in the back.” Haewon’s reminding us that her revenge is coming and we’re ready!

As for the end, it ends in the most frustrating way. The wedding is being held at the art gallery. Woojae’s vows are blank at the wedding, Haewon’s written hers but he’s still in the room whilst Haewon is socializing with others. Again, he doesn’t care for her as he’s looking out the windows and spots Heejoo. He runs to her and they look at each other distraught but still kiss passionately in the hallways whilst Haewon is outside waiting for her groom. This was so frustrating but I guess, once a cheater, always a cheater! Furthermore, it confirms suspicions because maybe he was faking his memory loss at some point because why would he passionately kiss Heejoo just before the wedding?

You can stream Reflection Of You season 1, episode 8 exclusively on Netflix.

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