Undone Recap: I’m Not Like A Jedi

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 13, 2019 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Amazon Prime Series Undone Season 1, Episode 4 - Moving the Keys


Undone Season 1, Episode 4, “Moving the Keys” provides more answer to Alma’s fragmented life, brewing up further complications.

This recap of Amazon Prime Series Undone Season 1, Episode 4, “Moving the Keys” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Now Alma (voiced by Rosa Salazar) has established her anchor; her father Jack (Bob Odenkirk) wants to teach his daughter how to move objects by not touching them. “Moving the Keys” sees Alma trying her best to embrace her father’s methods, while on the other hand, looking into the murder.

Alma learns from her father that he had a close relationship with a student over some grant funding for a special project — he had a theory whereby he could change the fundamentals of time, which needed extensive financing to cover it. He believes his murder is linked to that project, so Alma continues to look into that thread.

The most interesting scene in Episode 4 is when Alma, Sam, Becca and Becca’s fiance go to a bar for a drink, and the barman that Becca slept with is working. Becca becomes quickly flustered and finds the barman in the kitchen and apologizes for the mistake. Sam uses his intuition and guesses the scenario, but Becca blackmails him, insisting she will tell Alma that she broke up with him if he says anything. They agree to keep both secrets at bay.

With Alma’s behavior seemingly erratic in public, scrummaging around for more evidence of her Dad’s killer and continuously using her electronic blackjack at work, her mother asks her to sit down with a therapist. Alma sits with the therapist, jabbing away at her blackjack game and providing plenty of theories about — what she does not realize, is her therapist prescribes drugs to help her handle PTSD, encouraging her mother to become overbearing, attempting to force her to take the pills.

Most of Alma’s experiences up until now has mostly been about her childhood and her need to escape. The control over her abilities crux on the past and Alma’s father confirms all her experiences come into play and will help her achieve moving the keys. He puts it bluntly, “try not to try”. It reminded me of Olivia Dunham trying to turn off the lights with her mind in a groundbreaking episode of Fringe but in less brutal circumstances.

Undone Season 1, Episode 4, “Moving the Keys” ends with Alma attempting to cut up carrots, but she keeps on slicing her finger and looping the moment over and over again. She decides to “not try” and has an out of body experience. As Sam enters the room, she has a memory of breaking up with Sam.

Someone is in trouble.

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