Monarca Season 1 Review: Re-Writing Your Father’s Legacy

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 13, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Monarca Season 1 - Netflix Series


Appealing, dramatic and dangerous, Netflix Mexican Series Monarca Season 1 is easily consumable with a fast-paced, exciting plot.

Produced by Salma Hayek, Netflix series Monarca Season 1 puts Mexican talent on the map. We’ve previously stated many times that Netflix is becoming a powerful streaming platform that manages to give chances to markets and projects that would not have been given the green light. There are many of the opinion that Netflix is not value for money, yet are eager to get their hands on Disney+. Monarca proves that Netflix will be fine — this is an impactful series from the start, presenting a broken, wealthy family.

The opening premise of Monarca centers around Ana María, who lives in Los Angeles happily with her own family. One day, she gets a call from her father asking her to come see him in Mexico. She presumes he is sick, but it turns out that he has bigger plans.

Monarca gravitates towards an extremely wealthy family that owns a tequila business. The family reeks of corruption that involves itself with the wrong parties and government officials. There are different personalities that exist in this family, and all have a part to play.

But what’s fascinating about Ana María is that she has distanced herself from the family business, choosing to stay in America and live her own hardworking life as a journalist. It’s abundantly clear in the very first chapters that she has been traumatized by events in the past, and the last thing she’d ever want to do is return to Mexico to help out the business.

But that’s what her father wants — the real story begins in Monarca when her father asks if she wants to take over as CEO; he wants to reconfigure his legacy, and be known for growing a more ethical business, more than once where his family chooses corruption over good business practices and kindness. I enjoyed that type of narrative, as it added an extra layer to Ana María’s resolve.

I was fearing that Monarca was veering towards becoming a caricature of itself, with over-villainous and extremely well-natured family members vouching on either side, but the Mexican Netflix series adds a sensible level of drama not to become silly — in fact, it’s enticing, and keeps your interest peaked.

Netflix series Monarca Season 1 is a sure hit to add to your list.

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