Marianne Recap: One By One

September 15, 2019
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Marianne Season 1, Episode 7, “Too Young to Handle It” sees Marianne torture the group one by one, attempting to encourage Emma to write.

This recap of Netflix Series Marianne Season 1, Episode 7, “Too Young to Handle It” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s all horror-action from here folks.

In present-day, the now-dead Ronan begins to rise in the air. Emma and the others all flee.

One by one Marianne tortures each person in the group. For Seby and Aurore, the witch forms as Lucie, trying to trade deals. Marianne wants Emma (Victoire Du Bois) to write by Tuesday and promises to return Seby’s baby if she does — for Nono, Marianne promises to return Tonio. A paranoid Emma points a gun at the group, thinking they have all been possessed by the witch. After figuring each other out, they all relax.

As they all contemplate to what to do next, Marianne attacks Aurore — the group starts to turn on Emma. Aurore asks Emma about Lucie and in a pivotal moment, Emma explains how she could not find her sister in time when younger, and when she saw her, she left. Emma cries that she was too young to handle it.

Nono points the gun at Emma and asks her to write, but Emma bravely refuses, apologizing for everything that’s happened, but insists that Marianne is destroying them all. She keeps a rallying cry, claiming she will fight Marianne to the death. At this moment, Marianne takes Nono — another tragedy in the group.

With too many losses, Emma writes again, and the town settles. Seby’s baby is returned.

Seby visits Emma — they talk about their childhood and Emma confesses she is jealous of Sophie. She talks about how she never really had a “first time”, more of a “second time”. Seby kisses Emma, and they sleep together; however, this may have been a dream, because the next day Seby is not there, but the window is up from which he came through.

Marianne Season 1, Episode 7, “Too Young to Handle It” ends with the priest visiting Emma shoving a Cross in her face. He wants to exorcise her.

Author’s Notes

  • Episode 7 shows the moment a priest buried Marianne. Marianne starts talking to the priest and the corpse moves. The priest escapes the burial hole and tells the others he has finished the job and burned her.

You can read the recap of the eighth episode by clicking these words.

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